Friday, February 01, 2008

Survivor 1 February 2008

Survivor Arrowe Park!
After Grand Howl and Inspection the Cubs were sent out onto the 'island' to look for 'news' of their team mates. These of course, were envelopes hidden around the grounds that contained bandanas (2 different colours) determining which team they would go into.
The 'yellow' and the 'blue' team

After a quick game, we got straight into making our torches for Tribal Council.

Different shapes....

.... different sizes....

.. but they all looked great in the end.

.... and very simple to make.
1 x bamboo reed
1 x candle cut in half
1x 2litre cold drink bottle
Cut the cold drink bottle so that it forms a shelter for the flame - as you can see in the picture below. Trim the bamboo reed so that it will fit inside of the cold drink bottle top. The candle can also be trimmed to now fit snugly into the bamboo reed once the bottle has been placed over the bamboo. This can now be decorated with whatever you have available.
Completed torches - ready for Tribal Council

Let the Challenges begin!

Team Challenges

... and the first one was 'Tug-of-War"
and the Yellow Team won!

The seond team challenge was "laying an egg for breakfast" and I thought every egg would break but the cubs really surprised me!
Cubs are paired up back to back and a raw egg is placed between the two of them. They must work out how they are going to "lay their egg" without breaking it.
Both teams did equally well - so there was no out-right winner of the team challenges!
.. so on to the individual challenge and each cub was given 3 balls to see how many tins they could hit.

Our ball catchers!
We finally had a winner of the individual challenge and it was nearly home time!

A very special occassion - it was time to invest a New Chum and from all of us at 9th Benoni we say a warm welcome!

Newly invested Cub with mom.
Everyone had a tremendous time being "Survivors" and fortunately no-one was sent to Exile Island!
Next week will be just as much fun.
Till then
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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