Friday, April 25, 2008

Icy Water !

Our theme today was water - quite pertinent as not only do we need to save electricity here in South Africa but water as well.
When asked, the cubs understood and already could tell us ways and means to save water.

Our recycled tins for our Mother's Day Craft..... more about that later!

Time for some water fun!

Our steam release game - 5 cubs were given water pistols and had to chase the rest of the pack. After a short period of time, the next 5 had a turn with the pistols, etc.
Kids just love water, coupled with a water pistol and they are happy!
..... and as you can see, even our leaders love playing with water!
Girl's revenge!

Balloon Bust!
Cubs are paired off and stand about 1 metre apart.
1 of the pair of cubs is given 1 balloon.
On the blow of a whistle they must gently throw the balloon to their partner. The whistle will blow and they will need to take 1 step back ..... and continue to throw the balloon. This is continued until you have a winner!

Once again the cubs love this simple game.

Our Mother's Day craft is very simple yet very effective..

Our next meeting is on the 9th May when we have invited all our moms, grannies and aunts to join us for a cup of tea. The Cubs will present their moms with this little gift.
A New Chum was invested today - well done Kimera.

Mom places Kimera's cap firmly on her head while Akela looks on.
Till next Time
Keep Cubing
Akela Joy
How to make this craft?
Go to ....

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