Friday, March 16, 2007

Easter Fun - 16th March 2007

Today was our last programme for the 1st term and we therefore celebrated Easter a little early! After having run around outside looking to see where the Easter Eggs had been hidden, the cubs made themselved a cup of hot chocolate.

A bunch of wonderful cub scouts!

Time for instruction! and here we have 2 of our Cheetah cub scouts, greeting each other in a different language. We have 11 oficial languages in South Africa!

The Leopards were learning how to fold the flag....

while the Lions were busy making sure the plugs were corrected connected.

Helen Campbell came and gave a very special talk to the cubs about how the workings and make-up of and egg is the very same as the workings and the make-up of God. Afterwards the cubs could make up a little picture using coloured egg shells to illustrate that God is 3 in 1.

Very colourful picture done by the Cubs.

After the egg hunt, cubs were helped by Anita and Paula to make themselves hot chocolate.
We had a "going up" ceremony tonight for Aaron Kozakowicz and Matthew de Jager. They have now joined the Troop. Well done and good luck.
Till next time,
Keep cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bats! - Cub Programme 9th March 2007

It was a bit of a "batty" programme tonight ... we learnt all the interesting facts about the bats!

Being bats, we had to follow an obstacle course and navigate with our super-sonic hearing!

Up and over anything in site.

and finally completing an animal worksheet that the cubs just loved!

Till next week
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Beaver Challenge at Kontiki 2007

Kontiki is a huge Scouting event which takes place annually. Kontiki was the actual raft used by exployer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition. Today Scouts build their own raft according to the theme for the year and they must stay on their raft from 12 noon on Saturday for 24 hours.
During this time the Land Crew are busy being judged on other Activites. This is a great weekend for all Scouts to take part in.
The Cubs Scouts have the opportunity to take part in the Beaver Challenge which is an activity set up especially for the Cub Scouts.
9th Benoni set up this activity whereby Bond had to parachute out of the BD5-J aeroplane and land exactly on the island of Dr No to complete his mission.

Bond's BD5-J Aeroplane taking off...

Approaching the island....

Another successful mission completed!

9th Benoni Scouts on their raft.

There were a total of 58 rafts on the water...

Model of 9th Benoni's Raft

Meet Jane Blonde! Bond's sidekick during his Murray Park Mission.

Her handbag (note the hidden gun), nails and gem-stone ring are the epitomy of elegance and sophistication... but don't be fooled - she is lethal!

Fish net stockings - need we say more!

This activity is called the STA - Spare Time Activity - and takes place on Saturday afternoon. Each camp takes part in the STA which must be put together from scratch by 6pm for judging!
Kontiki is just great fun from beginning to end!
Come along next time and see for yourself.
Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Owl and the Cubs - 2nd March

Continuing with our theme of Small Animals, today we discovered the beautiful owl.
Jerome and Jonathan discussing the virtues of the owl.

Cubs having fun playing "Owl and Mole"

A relay game we put together where the cubs had to rush forward, collect their food and race back again.
They tried all ways and means to "collect" their food.

On their way there, they had to hop and flap their wings. Some really showed us how it is done!

Next, we played a game that all cubs thoroughly enjoy. We blindfolded them all and made up an exciting animated story about a special owl who had maybe hurt himself or had found a friend that was injured. The cubs then form a picture in their mind and during this time we pass around items that represent what we are talking about. So if we are talking about eye, we pass around either grapes or small tomatoes. Fingers can be represented by vienna sausages.... and so on.
Some more interesting goodies.

A tired cub!
.... and it's on to the next activity. Cubs completed the day's programme by helping Ollie the Owl find his way home through the Maize.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy