Friday, May 28, 2010

Japanese Geta Shoes - 28th May 2010

Adventure and Fun in Action!

Our theme today was the "Geta Shoe" worn by the Japanese.

Pictures of different shoes (2 of each) were handed out to all the cubs and on the blow of the whistle they had to find their partner.

I had really printed out weird and wonderful shoes.... some with spiders etc. to make it even more interesting!

It was then on to a relay race - "Sushi Sensations" where the cubs had to race up and, using only chopsticks, had to pick up a marshmallow and each it before returning and the next cub in line had a turn.

The cubs love anything with food!

Instruction followed and the Caracals make some lovely Greeting Cards.

... and then the fun began....

"Simply Sumo Wresting"

These were the tubes we used for the Sabie River Rafting and they came in good use for this game.

Four cubs inside a tube and they had to try and knock down an opponent!

A little tricky at times and we had to watch very closely!

but they loved it!

Our casual cubs!

This says it all!

Some papercraft..

and walking on stilts - just like the Geta Shoe which is a wooden shoe - almost platform like.

Getting ready..
Cubs had to thread the string through the holes in the tin and then tie the 2 pieces together.

One of our CI helping out..

and away we go!

"Look at me walking tall"

We invested 3 new chumbs

so a big welcome to Jayden.

.. and to Neo...

and to Paige.
We hope that you have a tremendous time with us at 9th Benoni.
Akela and the new chums with the group scouter.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Spy who lived next door - 22nd May 2010

Our outing for this term was a trip to the movies at the Lakeside Mall.

We met at the Milky Lane at 4pm and enjoyed some social time together over a milk-shake.
Mmm ... it all looks so good....what shall we have?

We had 21 cubs arrive - which was a great turn-out!

Raksha and her cubs... a happy mother wolf!

Big decisions

... and the fun began when the balloons arrived! ...

Akela just checking with the moms that they are actually returning for their kids!
(only kidding!)

Because no balloons are allowed into the movies, the cubs did their 'good turn' and found a child walking past and asked if they would like a balloon ....quite sweet!
Ordering popcorn and cold-drink.
This was quite a mission!
The movie was brilliant and cubs loved it and of course now all of them want to be spies!
...but well worth the trip...
PS.Thanks to all the parents who joined us as well.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy