Friday, June 22, 2012

Green and Smelly! - 22 June 2012

Today was our last pack meeting for the term!
We had lots of fun being ogres and eating green and smelly food!
Ogres are so smelly and scary so all the villagers are scared of them. Let's to and catch some villagers!
Steam Release: Ogres and Villagers
Two cubs are selected as Ogres. They run around catching the villagers. When everyone is caught, 2 new ogres are selected.
(I love this photo - true friendship)
Happy cubs...
Ogres have to build their own homes - let's see how well you can build ogre homes of your own.
Relay race - Ogre home building
Cubs line up inn sixes. They each receive 8 cards. The first cub runs up and builds a card house. As soon as he is done and it stands then he runs back and the next cubs runs up. The first six to all complete the ogre home wins.

Building homes is hungry work - let's join Shrek for supper
Kim's Game: Shrek's supper
cubs are blindfolded to listen to the yarn

One afternoon Shrek felt really hungry so he decided to make himself his favourite supper. He went out into his swamp to find all the ingredients. First he went to the damp log to find some grubs. He squeezed the grubs to make his favourite smoothie. But first he ate one to make sure it tasted juicy (sour worms). He filled his bottle and walked over to the slimmy pool. There he gathered all the frogs he could find. He them started to pull all the warts off the frogs (rice crispies) - these he put into his bag for the frog wart buns he was going to make. Shrek then saw the big green mushroom growing under the log. They were nice and dry - just how he liked them. He gathered them up for his mushroom chips (marie biscuit).

Shrek wondered into the woods to find some large caterpillars. He found them on the big green tree. He realized that this was a great prize and these would be superb in the pan and they would go well with his mushroom chips. (marshmallows).

Shrek now had to find dessert so he found some smelly pond slime moose (jelly). Shrek wondered off home and made his delicious dinner. He worked very hard and made the smoothie from the grubs (strawberry milk); frog wart buns (piece of bread with marmite on); mushroom chips with caterpillars which he fried and added lots of salt (salt and vinegar chips and piece of liquorice); His dessert was the best ever - slime from the pond (chocolate moose).

Shrek was ready.. he pulled a piece of wax from his ear for his candle and enjoyed a great supper!
Did you?

A special good bye to Caelyn who leaves us today for her time in Australia - good luck and keep in touch!

Time to turn into Ogres
Handcraft: Cubs made their own masks.

Just before investing some new chums we quickly played one of the Cubs favourite games - Cat and Mouse but for our game we called it "Ogre and Villagers"

A great pack meeting filled with fun!
Ryan doing his talk on technology.
Warren doing his talk.
Welcome to all our New Chums - we know that you are going to have lots and lots of fun at 9th Benoni.
We welcome: Matthew
Xavier was reaffirming his promise after a short time in Cape Town - welcome back.
and Roxanne and Piper

We are now closed for the school holiday and will reopen again on the 16th July.

Till Then
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

District Cycle Rally - 16th June 2012

...... and congratulations to 9th Benoni on sharing 1st place! Well done to all the cubs you have done us proud!
We also congratulate 1st Benoni who shared the victory with us!

Below are some random photos from the cycle rally.

Bases that the cubs had to complete

Thank you to the Akela of 6th Benoni for organising this event.
A very happy 9th Benoni bunch!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Harley Heaven - Father's Day Programme - 15th June

What fun! Akela has organised a special bike rally for us - I know my dad would love to be here cause I am going to ride a Harley!
Steam Release: Find your bike
Puzzle pieces are scattered around the field. Each Six is given 1 piece to collect to make their puzzle complete. It is colour co-ordinated according to their Six.
My dad would love a Harley Davidson and to wear all that great gear! - Let's see what gear we have!
Handcraft: Get geared up
Cubs make their own bandana. They also complete a keyring and card for dad on Father's Day.
Don't we all look good - ready now for action.
Relay Game: Obstacle Course - Rally Revenge
Cubs take turns to go through the obstacle course on their motor bikes
Wasn't that hectic - I think we lost the route! let's get out that compass and get back on track and find out where we are heading.

Revision: Compass Conundrum
Cubs are seated in the positions of the compass. A story is read and each time a compass point is mentioned, that cub stands up turns around and sits down.
(If you would like the story, please email me).

I am glad we are back on track but did you notice all those wonderful plants?
Kim's Game: Feel the Flora and Fauna
Cubs are blindfolded and given items from nature to feel
eg - stone, sand, flower, leaf, thorn etc.

I am so happy that we are scouts and can have such good adventures!
Circle Game: If you're happy
Cubs are names after bikes - Honda, Harley, Yamaha. When one is called, all those with that name run around and see who can get back first.
Badges being handed out.

A very important ceremony took place on Friday - going up for 4 of our cubs.
Congratulations and well done to everyone. Good luck at scouts - we know you will have a great time!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy