Friday, March 26, 2010

Father's Day Celebrations - 26th March

It was our last pack meeting for this term today and we celebrated Father's Day!

I thought I would quickly insert this beautiful photo of the jetty leading onto the Homestead Dam with a couple of scouts fishing.

Fathers are forever losing their keys so for our steam release game the cubs had to "find father's key". They needed to run around and find the word "key" written somewhere .... then race back and let Raksha know.

It did take some time but eventually the "key" was found.

Father's always like getting soap on a rope... but today we had something else very special for them on a rope!

Cubs were blindfolded and "walked" along the rope where they had to feel about 20 items and remember them.

They thoroughly enjoyed this!

Just in case dad lost those keys again, we made him a special key ring holder.

There were diagrams to follow....

.... but sometimes things just don't go right!!

but most of the time they are perfect!

We asked the cubs what their dads do best.... and we got a wide variety of answers .... and I am sure you can guess some were hysterical.
They included :
playing golf
watching tv
.... and with this cue it was time for our next game.
We had already had a discussion on fire safety and the next was a relay game where they ran up and place compacted paper under the string.

the aim was for the fire to burn the string... whcih would knock the flag over.

It goes without saying that the cubs loved this activity.

It was then time to invest and 2 young ladies were invested from another pack into ours.

Some of our Scouts getting ready for the "going up" ceremony.

The cubs saying The Cub Promise for the last time.

Akela introducing the cubs to the Group Scouter.
Welcome to our 2 new ladies and good luck to all those that have gone up to Scouts. We know you all will have an awesome time.
Till next Term
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
District Cycle Rally
Pre-Registration Day - 10th April at 09h00 in Arrowe Park
Actual Rally on 15th May at 10h30

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Honeydew Maze - Term Outing - 20th March

Our term outing was a visit to the Honeydew Maze.
What a treat!

We ventured through the "Save our World" maize and had to find numerous famous places, famous faces and elegantly dressed dolls.

Along with that we had to identify endangered animals, draw one found in a cage and answer the question... "what animal gibbers" do any of you know?

This is really worth the trip.
They have fully trained guides to help you and it probably took us 1 and a half hours to go through the maize.
A truly enjoyed morning.
Till next Time
Keep cubbing
Akela Joy

Bring a Buddie - 19th March

We continued along our "celebration" journey and at the pack meeting on Friday we celebrated our friends.

So our meeting was filled with fun games and races .... and of course some lovely food!

Relel races were first on the agenda...

.. then onto hammering nails into a pre-designed layout.... as they go they tie the string aroung the nails .... and eventually a design will appear.

Can anyone guess??

Cubs love balloon games and today was no different.

This is a fun game to play.
Cubs stand in a circle, holding hands. A Hoola Hoop must be passed around the circle over and under the cubs .... and they may not use their hands!

Party time!

... and who doesn't enjoy a 'tug o war'.....
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Trip to 1st Middelbrug - 19th March

1st Middelburg - Woodbadge evalutation.

What a lovely welcome!

Being inspected!

... and their journey to Egypt begins by getting their special passports stamped ....

Behind the scenes, the rover helper was getting the Kim's Game ready.
15 different food types.

On arrival in Egypt they are told about the mystery they will have to solve! ... finding buried treasure under the sand...... a mummy's curse .......... lost necklace.... Getting past the sand.
This is a lovely game - easy - no equipment.
It can be altered to suit your theme.
Here they are getting past the sand so it is apt for the first one in line to lie on the ground and be "sand". The 2nd person jumps over him and stands with his legs apart as a 'bridge'. The next jumps over the sand, goes through the legs of the bridge and stands in front with his arms open wide and is a "tree". The next person follows and then goes around the tree and curls up into a ball and becomes a rock. The next person follows and jumps over the rock and lies down again as "sand" .... and so it continues.
Great game!
Listening further the cubs heard that the curse of the mummy is the biggest risk but to break that curse a song was required.

But first the mummy!!

A mummy in true form!

Each mummy held a clue which had to be deciphered

to find a hidden treasure

... and before they could open their hidden treasure they had to sing to break the curse...

... and just look at the treasure they found ....
gold, silver, jewells to make a necklace..

All having a great time..
We had to leave then but the story continued on how they met the Pharoah who invited them to eat a feast with him.... the only condition being they were not allowed to see what they ate (Kim's Game).
I know these cubs had a wonderful time with such a super programme.
Well done.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy