Friday, December 02, 2011

End of the Year Outing - Spur Glen Marais

Great fun today - we had our end of the year function at the Spur in Glen Marais!

We pre-ordered all the food (Kiddies Party Combo) which made it so much more manageble.
But of course the cubs could not pass by the computer games!

Good outdoor fun!

There is so much to do there ....

.... and then it was time for "the fun to begin!"

A great way to end off a superb year!

Till next Year

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

Friday, November 25, 2011

Santa Special - 25th November

We were all hoping that Santa would stop by ... even if we are a month early!

Our Steam Release game was called "Presents" based on our traditional "klompies" game.

Cubs run around and a number is called out. Cubs must huddle together with that number of cubs in a group.

Time for instruction and the Caracals learnt about the animals from the Jungle Book.

Cheetahs brushed up once again on their compass skills.

Santa had to get the presents to the children - and the sleighs were out of order. Clever Santa asked the cubs to "roll" the presents inside a snowball down the hill to the waiting children!

Rolling snowballs with their noses!

It was then time for a Christmas Craft.

Rama - aka Magnificent Michelle - showed the cubs how to make sure Santa stopped over!

Santa, please stop here!

I am sure Santa will oblige!

It was then time for a story!

Cubs had to listen to the story, then find the different leaders who would ask them a question relating to the story. If the cubs got it correct, the Six was awarded a "sparkler". Once they had answered all 5 questions they sat down at a central point.


One Christmas Eve, Father Christmas was getting ready to leave the North Pole. All the toys had been made, all the lists checked to see which children had been good and all the letters had been read.

Elf Dewey had loaded all the toys and all the reindeer were ready. Rudolf's nose had been specially washed and polished. Father Christmas got onto his sleigh and "whoosh" off he went to deliver all his presents to all the children around the world.

Father Christmas delivered presents likes planes, trains and Barbie Dolls in North America and South America. As he landed in Benoni South AFrica, Rudolf's nose went out! "Oh dear, what am I going to do now? How am I going to deliver all these presents in the dark?"

Luckily he met a few of the cub scouts from 9th Benoni Bambanani who knew just what to do to help Father Christmas.

The cubs checked Rudolf's batteries and all was okay. After checking these they realised the bulf had fused. The cubs raced off to the Lighting Warehouse to get a new bulb - too bad it was shut. However they know that Builders Warehouse would be open for a light bulb.

The cubs raced back to Father Christmas and fixed Rudolf's nose! Unfortunately now, Father Christmas was running late and was not going to be able to deliver all the presents in time.

Father Christmas pulled out his Blackberry and BBM'ed Elf Dewey asking him to bring the spare sleigh.

In a flash Elf Dewey was there! The cubs had divided the presents and hopped onto the spare sleigh. They were going to help deliver the presents around the world.

Father Christmas waved goodbye and off he went with a 'ho, ho, ho". Our helpful cubs now had a big task. they delivered the presents to the rest of Africa. From the sleigh they saw lots of countries like Namibia, Zambia and Kenya. They even flew over Mount Kilamanjaro.

They arrived home just before sun rise and realised they never delivered presents for themselves! As they walked into their houses they found huge presents from Father Christmas to say thank you for making Christmas special for so many other children around the world!

Asking a question - will they get it right?

Time for some fun!

Circle Game: Christmas Calamity

Cubs are named : Santa, Sleigh and Reindeer. A name is called out and those cubs run around and back to their place and in to the middle. This time the last 2 cubs were out and had to sit under the tree.

Next week we are off to the Spur for our end of the year outing.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy