Friday, April 20, 2012

Famous Hero - Mahatma Gandhi

Today we learnt about another hero - Mahatma Gandhi ..... but we had some other heroes in our midst.

We are thrilled to have invested 5 Pack Helpers today - and wish them all the best - their journey has just begun! Fun, adventure, friendship awaits them all.
Our Steam Release game had the cubs running around the playing field looking for words that were called out.... these were colour coded so each cub had to find the correct colour as well as the correct word before the next word was called out.
These were hidden all over the playing area.

After instruction for each section, we went into a relay game where each cub had to take instruction from the rest of his six as to what directions to take to find his ball.
It was hilarious as instructions were given, left, right and the ball was right there and she just happened to miss it each and every time she moved her hand.... had us in stitches!

A quick yarn about the life of Ghandi and what he stood for was given to the cubs.
Our two new Cub Instructors
Friends come to visit
Next we played "red light, green light" where the leader moves a distance ahead and turns around (back to cubs) - he then calls green light and the cubs move toward him..... when he calls red light, the leader turns around and any cub caught moving is out!
The aim is to catch the cubs moving so as to reduce the numbers....
It was then time to move on to our craft for the week and we made Gandhi's Glasses....
Simple and easy to make with pipecleaners.

Rikki, one of our pack helpers started on the recycling interest badge last week and during that time each cub had to put their hand into a bag and pull out an article. With these articles they had to make something else and return today..... We have been blown over with innovative ideas that these young cubs have come up with - well done to all of them!
A different way to water a plant - using a coke bottle
A racing car from a tin
A bottle garden
A plant in a tin
A beautiful gift for someone - taking an old coffee tin - redecorating it and fill it with rusks
Tin which has been decorated and a pansy planed
A coke bottle with a plant in it
Animal using an egg carton
A book end and basket from a milk carton
Special paper made from dung
A tin beautifully decorated that can be used as a pencil holder
A medicine container that has been covered with pipe cleaners that is now a toy (apologies for bad photo!)
A tin that is now a money box
A margarine tub which is a plant holder
Mother's day gift - transformed from an old tin
Bird feeder from a milk bottle
Cute little man from a toilet roll inner
A coke bottle transformed into an Easter Bunny special craft
Designer vase made from a small coffee tin - this tin had mosaic tiles plastered around - absolutely stunning with a yellow daffodil ...
An egg carton making a crocodile - lovely idea for the Jungle Book character!
This idea was phenomenal as well. Joseph had taken his plastic jar and had made an eco-aquarium - unfortunately it is not so clear here but inside the jar he has two fish swimming around, a star fish and the bottom of the ocean made up of small, rolled up balls of paper.... On the outside of the jar he personally had typed out details about this recycling item.
A tin making a lantern - lovely idea
Using a milk bottle - these can be used as part of a game throwing a ball to a friend.
He chose a piece of polystyrene - and just look what he came up with.... he coloured the outside black and white and this is his "Blackberry" holder - amazing!
A plastic jar decorated beautifully...

Thanks to Rikki for encouraging all our cubs to recycle - and a big thank you to all our cubs for producing such outstanding work - we are so proud of you all.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A visit to the Jungles of India

The Jungle Book was on at the Civic Theatre - final show today - and one of our cubs attended with his family!
Till next Time
Keep cubbing
Akela Joy

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Inter Six Competition Winners!

Yellow Six were the proud winners of the Inter-Six Competition for the term! They raised the most money - well done to everyone in Yellow Six!All the "funny money" raised will go towards sponsoring our third guide dog!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Hero - Madiba: 13th April 2012

Welcome back to all our cubs! it is great to be back!
Today we looked out "our hero Madiba"
We played a great Steam Release game - cubs run around.
A rope is placed in a circle big enough for all cubs to fit into.... cubs run around and on the blow of the whistle, cubs must run back into the circle (which has now been made smaller!)Each time the cubs run about, the circle gets smaller and smaller.
and this is a circle for one!
We have a "Den Mother" for each Six. We have renamed these scouters "Alpha Helpers" and we gave them each an opportunity to get to know their Six a little better.... This is Mang and Green Six.
This is Jacala and Red Six
Rikki and Blue Six
Kaa with her White Six
Ikki with Purple Six - This is Chil's Six but Chil is not well today - we wish her a speedy recovery!
Some knotting instruction for the Caracals
Different way to cook a potatoe
Nelson Mandela - patron of scouting
We will be doing our recycling interest badge.
Hathi works at SAPPI and he told the cubs all about how paper is made - from the time a tree is cut down - all very interesting.

Cubs then had to put their hand into the black bag and pull out an item - this now they will take home and "recycle" - in other words make something else out of it and return it next week.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy