Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello - it's Halloween! 26th October 2012

 It is once again time for our annual Halloween Sleepover - the kids were hyped up as they arrived in their different and varied outfits!

 our very own special pussy cat!
 Some of the wonderful outfits the cubs arrived in.....

 I just love this photo!  This young cub offered to say the opening pray - isn't it just too cute for words....

 Our steam release game was called "ghost hunter" and was a simple leapfrog....

 and then into instruction where these young ones learnt how do use your scarf for a sling bandage..

 just too cool!
 The Caracals learnt a new knot this week....

 Of course what would a witch be without her broomstick - so here each cub had the opportunity to make their own!

 A round of "witches hockey" was in order - and this is a game the cubs could play non stop!

 Up next was a Kim's Game - rather difficult I thought but the cubs aced it!
 Cubs were shown each item and then they needed to turn around as the leader dropped one item at a time.  They had to identify the sound by the noise it made!
So here they had to "see" and "listen" and further into the evening they had to "feel".

 Blind mans buff followed
 and then it was time to eat!

 After a scrumptious meal the cubs sat quietly to listen about what happened to Mr Smith!
 Here is the verse that was read to the cubs - this has been taken from "A Scout Halloween Party" by Charles F. Smith in a magazine from October 1933.
 The truth is it, and not a myth
That once there lived a man named Smith
And it became his mournful lot
To murdered by quite near this spot.

We now will pass out his remains
You first will handle poor Smith's brains
(pass around moist sponges)

The head, once crowned with locks so fair
is low - now here comes Smith's soft hair.
(pieces of fur)

Sweet music Smith once loved to hear
It fell upon his gentle ear
(dried peach)

When Smith would smile at boys and girls
His teeth gleamed out like whitest pearls

And now the next you'll scarce hold true
We pass his windpipe out to you!
(lengths of uncut, cold boiled macaroni)

the next you soon will understand
Is simply poor Smith's cold right hand.
(glove filled with wet sand)

Smith's vision once was keen and wise
You'll know it when you touch his eyes!
(grapes with vaseline on them)

His vertebrae once needed much
You now shall have within your touch
(empty spools strung on thread)

Now hearken, while midst dreadful groans
You hear the clank of poor Smith's bones.
(Chains jangle amid moans which grow fainter and fainter until they finally die away into silence!)

 It was then time for the Scouts to arrive for our joint meeting!
They ran the scary bases.... but first a time to remember the evening by.
 Making campfire patches.

 New age lantern - for the game "stalk the lantern" later in the evening!
 Scouts doing what scout do best - have fun!
 Before the cubs could stalk the lantern they need camouflage ....

 and into Arrowe Park we ventured with some very scared cubs!!!
 but we didn't lose any!
and they all had a great time trying to outwit the scouts!

Another very successful Halloween Sleepover.

Till next Time
Keep cubbing
Akela Joy