Saturday, August 28, 2010

National Cub Challenge - 28th August

We had the special priviledge today of meeting some wonderful friends from Windmill Park Multipurpose Centre. Two Leaders and 12 children joined us as we had 'fun in the sun' with the National Cub Challenge.

9th Benoni Cub Scouts with the children of Windwill Park.

We opened and introduced ourselves.

... and then it was time to look for the sunniest and happiest cub ....

Prizes were handed out to lots of cubs and friends as everyone looked happy!

Our first game had the cubs running around and stopping in their tracks as soon as the music stopped.

Handcraft was next ... and whilst out in the South African sun, it is important to wear a hat. Here the cubs and friends made their own.

The two leaders from Windmillpark Multipurpose Centre - Maria and Thendeka.
Maria fosters 19 children in her home.

We then divided the cubs and friends into 2 equal teams and had them push a ball around an obstacle course.

The team who had all it's team members complete the course first and sit down was declared the winner.

It was a close call......

The yarn was a beautiful story about how winter came to the world.

Raksha read the story to the eager cubs and friends.

Our circle game was hilarious!
Some of the cubs and friends first of all did not know left from right and did not want to give up their hats in the fear that they would lose them!
What should have happened was the child takes his right hand and collects the hat from the person on his right. He places the hat on his head..... and so it continues.
Is that your right hand?

What did Raksha say?

Up next we showed them how to make a pin-wheel. The wind was blowing gently so these were ideal.

Items that would be taken to the beach were placed under an unbrella. Cubs had to race up and take a look and memorise these.
Once everyone had had a turn, they had to recall all items.
It was then PARTY TIME and each cub and friend had a huge plate of cup cakes, sweets, toys and cold drink.
Plenty of ball games were played and this guy loved the soccer.

Games of skittles were available.

The girls loved the skipping.

We also had baseball.

and all too soon it was time to close off.

Each week the cubs collect "funny money". This money is saved up and goes towards a worthy, good cause. With this money the cubs bought the Windmill Park Multipurpose Centre som canned food and pasta.
One of the cub's moms also sponsored a stationery kit for each child.

Akela thanking them for joining us today.

Happy smile!

Thank you to everyone who joined us today. Thank you to the 9th Benoni leaders and parent helpers who made today so special.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Sixer Council meeting - 28th August

We held our Sixer Council Meeting in Arrowe Park early this morning! All Sixers and Seconds attended.

Each cub scout who attended the meeting, was given one of these little "Do your Best" papercrafted items. Each one held a special sweet... for a special cub.

At this meeting today, we discussed new games and the cubs brought along with them, ideas for new, quick and easy games that we can play in the new term.

They also came up with some wonderful ideas for our programme for next term - which is Movies / Books.

We will be having a Halloween Sleepover with a movie and the cubs suggested a
"Haunted House"! (really, it was their suggestion!)... along with lots and lots of other gruesome ideas.
If anyone would like to send me their suggestions and ideas on different things that we can do for the "Halloween House", I would appreciate it.... it is always refreshing to get new ideas from around the world!
You can email me here please.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy