Friday, August 20, 2010

A day in the life of ... KING TUT - 20th August 2010

... and who shall wear the crown of King Tut?

Tut was only 9 years old when he became Pharaoh .... isn't that just grand..

How would you all like to be Pharaohs?
Steam Release Game:
Pieces of paper with pictures are scattered around - only 1 having King Tut on it. Whoever find this piece of paper will be the Pharaoh for the day!

our very regal King Tut!

Tut was only 18 when he died and they did not have a lot of time to bury him...
but first they needed to embalm him.
Team Game: Making a mummy of me!
Divided into a number of teams - we had 3.
On 'go' each team is given a roll of toilet paper and they must wrap their 'body'.

Good job!
In 1922 a man by the name of Robert Carter found Tut's sarcoughygus and all the wonderful treasures it held.... there was of course a curse on anyone opening Tut's grave!

Instruction today for the Caracals was First Aid.

This is a handy little First Aid book with lovely pictures that the cubs can colour in.

Cheetahs learning with Baloo.

Leopards with Rikki outside

... and the Lions with Raksha making Christmas crackers....

The Egyptian people believed in the afterlife - thinking that life continued in the land of the Two Fields. They belived that each mummy had to be identified with a name.
HANDCRAFT: Making a Cartouche
The Eqygtian alphbet is written up for the cubs to see. Each cub is given an outline and they must write their own name.

Let us see if we can find all that buried treasure - there were gold rings, bracelets, watches, goblets and all sorts of wonderful and weird items.

and on the way you will see some of the stone that surrounded King Tut's grave...... real marble.

Different stones from different rocks.

Treasure can't be far off now..

Remember to follow that trail ..

Start here and go 5 paces west.
We encouraged the younger cubs to follow the trail whilst the older ones followed on behind.
Remember where the sun sets and then take 10 paces west.

Can u see anything?
... a treasure chest ....

yes, that is true - there was gold to be found!

Our next treasure was the investiture of a new chum.

Welcome to our pack - may your time with us be memorable.

New Red Six member.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
(Just a reminder next week's meeting is a joint meeting with the Troop - start at 17h30 to 19h30)

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