Friday, June 26, 2009

Masked Ball - 26th June 2009

We had a wonderful end of the term pack meeting today - naming the winner of the Inter-Six competition as well as enjoying a party. We have managed to collect the full amount to sponsor another guide-dog.
Thank you to all the cubs who brought along their pocket money each week and a special thank you to all the parents who supported us!
The winner of the Inter-Six competition was WHITE SIX ... well done!
As part of one of the Advancements, the cubs had to plant a seed. During one of the meetings a few weeks back, Kreolin planted a bean - and he brought it back to show us how well it was doing!

Our theme today as "masked ball"
We had the cubs run around in search of a jungle name.
This then would be the mask they were to make inside.

Kreolin was the monkey (bandalog)

Lara was a beautiful owl

busily cutting out a wolf - pehaps Akela

and here we have a jungle full of animals!

another beautiful owl

Shere-Khan the tiger

ooh! another money

the fox and the wolf

.... and then it was party time!

A fun way to end the term.
I am sure you can guess what our theme is for next term!
The Jungle Book of course!
A new scout being invested into the Troop.

Welcome -we know you will have a great time!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cub Night Hike - 19th June 2009

Our Friday meeting was awesome!
It was our Cub Night Hike to raise funds for the guide dog we will be sponsoring.

Cubs and families arrived at 6pm where they were put into their 'sixes', and given an STA (spare time activity) to complete.
Each Six had to design their own flag and come up with a suitable name.

The 'all womens' team hard at work!

White Six - or should I say "The Springboks"

Blue Six were the Grrrrrizzly Bears

The Butterflies

The Deadly Night Owls

Whilst everyone was busy designing their flags, leaders were selling raffle tickets trying to raise money for the sponsoring of the guide dog.
Thanks to all who contributed.

Parents and cubs went from base to base (which were organised by the scouts) and had to complete each activity. Scores were awarded to each Six.

At this base, cubs had to race up in relay formation, stack a fire correctly, light it - hopefully with only 1 match otherwise they were penalised - and wait for the string to burn through. Points were awarded to the Six who took the shortest time.

At the next base, cubs (and even leaders!) had to do some apple bobbing, ........

then move on to collect some sweets out of a flour bowl!!!!!!

and finally collect a strip of toast covered in syrup!!!!
..... and this is what they looked like afterwards.

At the next base, all the cubs had to cook their own pancake. Points were awarded to the Six who cooked the most pancakes in the allocated 15 minutes.

Stalking was the order of the evening at the next base. This should have taken place in an area with some long grass but due to rain earlier in the evening, we had to make alternative arrangements and hence this activity took place outside in Arrowe Park. Cubs had to creep up and collect a bunch of keys under the cub sitting on the chair.
If heard, the torch is shone onto the stalker and he is then out.

At the next base, the cubs had to select and paint one of the members.

.... and points were awarded.....

A parachute from a rubbish bin bag???
Yes! Our Group Scouter and Troop Scouter show how it is possible.

.... it was slightly too windy outside ... ...

... and worked far better inside the hall.

It was now 20:30 and time to move onto the campfire.

A few instructions....

... and then onto a most enjoyable campfire with leaders, scouts, parents and cubs.

.... and then it was time for the winner of the night hike to be announced.
It was Blue Six - or should I say, the Grrrrrrizzly Bears!
Well done!

A most enjoyable night was had by all.
Thank you to everyone who joined us.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, June 12, 2009

Guide Dog Visit - 12th June 2009

Today we were very lucky to have a special visitor and his owner!

O'Reilly is his name and here he is having great fun with the cubs!

Just look at that smile on his face...

Matthew, one of our cubs, did a special presentation on the South African Guide Dog Association which was followed by a short movie that Matthew had organised.

Matthew then organised a game for the cubs to play.

The cubs were divided into 2 teams and the first time round the selected cub had to negotiate all the obstacles by themselves. Thereafter, they had a friend to help and guide them - just like a guide-dog and so much easier!
Here is Pieter telling all the cubs how he got O'Reilly as well as what happens with all the guide dogs - right from when they are born to when they are given out!

Just a reminder that the cubs are saving to sponsor their very own guide dog - so if you would like to contribute, please contact me for the banking details - my email address is

It is soon Father's Day so we made a special Father's Day gift for the cubs to take home.

Into each little glass bottle we placed a couple of nuts - this was closed with a piece of coloured cloth. On it we placed a tag that read "I am nuts about you"

We also had another visitor today - Bandit and Rebecca!

We had a few Long Service Award presentations this evening at Scouts and unbeknown to me, I was presented with my 10 Long Service Award!

I actually think all the leaders of 9th Benoni received an award this evening.
Veronique our Girl Troop Scouter
Shane Gardiner our Group Scouter
Peter le Roux our Troop Scouter
Andrew Hall our Assistant Troop Scouter for 28 years loyal service!
Well done everyone!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy