Friday, February 29, 2008

Remembering the 5 Senses

Our programme today dealt with our senses!

A few of the Pack.

After Grand Howl and Inspection, we started off with a quick Steam Release game. Cubs are told to run around the jungle and on the blow of the whistle a number is given and cubs must group in this number as quicly as possible.

Instruction today was Woodcraft Trails and we took all the cubs into Arrowe Park where they all made a few signs for Akela to follow.

This way......

Our beautiful Arrowe Park.

Crossing the bridge...

... we have gone this way

near the water ....

..... danger....

..... turn left .....

and eventually we were back at the hall ready for the next game!
The cubs sat in a circle all blindfolded whilst I told them a story
about 2 children waiting for their mom in the car before going to the beach.
Getting bored in the car, Bobby started fidgeting and feeling down the sides of the seats and what did he find! Mushy, slimy gunge! (jelly is passed around for cubs to feel). The story carries on with the children arriving at the beach and them playing in the water (water drops splatted on them) and building sand castles (salt is sprinkled on their legs).
We also went to go and visit Old Joe who lived across the river and whilst wading through this muddy, slimy river we could feel bones - skeleton bones (they feel chicken bones). The mud oozed through their toes and half way up their legs as well before they reached the other side! (custard over thier toes!)...... and so the story continued until they met with old Joe who told them many seaside stories.

Custard on the toes!

Our next Sense Game was for Hearing and Chris had about 13 sounds. Cubs were again blindfolded and had pen and paper to write down the sounds once they had heard all of them.
This one was a door lock openng and locking.
Here he is sliding across the floor and there were many more. Cutting paper - a zip opening - door closing - jar opening - walking - chain falling - clapping hands - ball bounding - two pans banging together.
This was a lovely idea to actually have the sound and not have it on a recorder.
Cubs writing down what they remember!
We invested 3 New Chumbs. Ladies first!

Saluting the Pack.

Dad putting on his cap.

Mom putting on this new chum's cap.

Our Pack - just before we closed and did the final Grand Howl.
Next we we will be Cowboys!
Till then
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birds of Prey Show

Straight after the BP Sunday Church Service, we held a Bird of Prey show. This was spectacular! Debra from the SA National Birds of Prey Centre came along with 4 of her feathered friends to teach us a little more about these wonderful creatures.
Waiting patiently in the car....

Hooded Falcon, listening very carefully to what is going on.

Debra started off with this beautiful Eagle. All these birds of prey have been hand reared due to one or other circumstance.
She explained to all the cubs and parents more about the Eagle's feathers and the purpose thereof as well as how they hunt for their food. Here you can see her "fluffling" up the tummy feathers!

Spreading the wings, ready for flight!

Next was this precious, little owl - in flight.

Another magnificent speciment of the owl sitting in the tree at Arrowe Park - just look at those eyes!

.... and in flight.

The Hooded Falcon - getting ready to have his little hood taken off so that he can check out the surroundings and go fly around Arrowe Park.
Should anyone wish to get hold of the South African National Bird of Prey Centre you may either contact me on my email at or go to their webpage at for more information.
They are well worth having at any outdoor function.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

BP Parade

The BP Church Service was held today, Sunday 24th February, in the beautiful grounds of Arrowe Park in Benoni. We started marching at 09h30 to the chapel across the bridge.
9th Benoni Bambanani Cubs. Two Chums in the middle are due to be invested on Friday.

Some more of our cubs.

The 9th Benoni Bambanani Cub Pack Flag Bearer.

The Cub Pack received a Silver Award for the Star Pack Evaluation last year. Here the Leaders are receiving their award.

Renewing the Scout Promise.

Renewing the Cub Promise

Renewing the Guide Promise.

A 9th Benoni Cub saying the closing prayer.

Final procession from the Chapel ...

across the bridge to where the tea was waiting for everyone!
The Birds of Prey show followed.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Healthy Living - 22 Feb 2008

Our steam-release game was called "Germs attacking the Goodies". This games is based along the lines of Stick in the Mud with the Germs catching the Goodies who must then stand with their legs apart waiting to be rescued.
Cubs being rescued!

During Instruction we brought up into our Advancement Groups of New Chums, Cheetah, Leopard, Lion and Leaping Wolf. Here we have a New Chum and we concentrated on the Membership Badge - learning the Cub Law, the Cub Promise, the Left Handshake etc. We will be investing 3 New Chums next week.

We had a "going up" ceremony for these 2 'cubs' who went up to Scouts last night..... looking very smart in their scout uniform!
9th Benoni Bambanani Cub Pack

Our next game was fabulous and the cubs really enjoyed playing it. Fish were cut out and behind each fish was written a type of food - eg. cereal, cabbage, biscuits, doughnuts, rice, cauliflower, sweets, peas, steak. etc.

Fishing rods were made with a magnet on the end and on each paper fish there was one paper clip. Cubs went fishing and once they caught a fish, they would look and see what food was written on the back and decide whether this was a GOOD food or a BAD food and put it in the respective bucket.
Afterwards a quick discussion was had about which was good and bad foods - health wise.

The cubs could have played this for hours!

We put them in their Sixes and had a winner as well.

We then had a discussion on the correct way to brush our teeth and how important it is to brush our teeth after each meal.

The next game was a little different in that they had to run up, place a bit of toothpaste on their finger, swish it around in their mouth with some water, swallow it and run back to their Six, and then the next one came up to do the same thing.
I was not sure whether they would enjoy this but they wanted to repeat it!
Our two young men that have now gone up to Scouts saying their Promise for the last time as a cub.

Akela Joy handing them over to the Group Scouter.

It was BP's birthday last night - 22nd February - and the Troop Scouter blew the Kudu Horn to call everyone to attention. Here he is showing everyone a Kudu Horn very similar to the one BP would have used.

Our first Scout being invested.

He will be going into the Leopard Patrol

Our second Scout being invested.

Three Cheers!

Next week we will be having just as much fun - join us then.
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy