Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Mowgli Poem

This is a poem taken from "The Scouter" in 1931.

Mowgli was a little boy who wandered from his home,

And out into the jungle dark he venutred forth alone;

When night came on he'd lost his way, he felt so tired, and then

He found a cave to shelter in, but 'twas an old wolf's den.

Old Father Wolf at first was really in an awful mood,

And seemed to think poor Mowgli was a dainty bit of food;

But Mother Wolf protested that the child - must not be slain,

So Mowgli, with the little cubs, was comfortably lain.

Now old Shere Khan, the tiger, had a special taste for man,

So on young Mowgli's trail he got, and to the cave he ran.

He stuck his head inside, and roared in accents fierce and wild;

"You've got my breakfast in your den, so just give me the child."

Politely then did Father Wolf endeavour to explain,

But Shere Khan wouldn't hear, and simply shouted out again;

"The thing's a man, he's not a wolf, he's got no business here,"

And Mister Wolf began to think he'd best not interfere.

But then the gentle Mother Wolf gave all a great surprise,

For up she sprang, with bristling fur, and anger in her eyes.

"Since when," she howled, "have wolves supplied a tiger's hungry maw"

Hunt for yourself, and do not try to break the jungle law."

Then old Shere Khan, the tiger, disappointed of his prey,

Withdrew his head from out the den and, growling, turned away,

Determined that by hook or crook, revenge one day he'd know,

And that the man-child, Mowgli, should into his tummy go.

But Mowgli in the cave remained, with wolf cubs as his kin.

And learnt the ways of wolves, his place within the pack to win.

Bagheera and Baloo, the bear, his tutors were - and so

The time arrived when Mowgli to the Council Rock should go.

Within the jungle stood the Rock, flat-topped and bare and cold,

And round it squatted all the pack of wolves, both young and old.

Akela lay beside the Rock, and wolf cubs one by one

Presented were unto the pack, for so the law did run.

Our cub pack meetings resume again on January 11th when we will have more fun and adventure lined up for all our cubs.

Join us then...
Akela Joy

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cub Meeting - Party - 30 Novemer 2007

Today was our last Cub Meeting for the year so a Christmas Party was the order of the day! It started off with a few quick, outside games and then we played "pass the parcel" where each cub had a turn to unwrap a piece of paper for a surprise present!
Playing "Pass the Parcel"
They begged us to play "Open Gates" which they thoroughly enjoyed.
One Cub is on. All the other Cubs have to stand behind a nominated area. The Cub who is on nominates a cub to try and run past him. If he is successful, the leader shouts "open gates" and everyone can try an run past the cub who is on. If someone is caught, they are also on. They then start again from the other side and those on, nominate one person to try and run past and if he succeeds, it is open gates agao and all try to run past.... and so it goes on.

And then is was Party Time. Each Cub brought a few eats and a small present. Numbers were assigned to each present and different numbers to each Cub in the hope that they would not get their own present. In the end each cub went home with a small gift plus had a party plate of eats and drinks.

Towards the end of the Pack Meeting we invested 2 Cubs. This is David Rodel with his Granny.

..... and this is Keegan Macgregor saying his Cub Promise together ith Akela Joy and Mr Shane Gardiner our Group Scouter.

We have lots of fun and excitement planned for next year so be sure to join us and bring all your friends. All Cubs can start at 7 years of age.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

Friday, November 23, 2007

Cub Cricket - 23 November 2007

Today we had a fun sporty type of programme! The cubs enjoyed a game of "cricket with a difference!"

Group photo of our little darlings!

Aren't they just precious!

Taking a good swing

Oops! ... and he is out!

..... and so is he.

Having fun - like boys do!

And here they are learning all about theirEmergency Kits.... what to put into an Emergency Kit, what phone numbers to have, etc.

I thought I would add this beautiful photo of the dam at our hall.
As I have said before, we are very priviledged to have such beautiful grounds.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Saturday, November 17, 2007

6th Benoni Cub Pack

Tonight I had the opportunity to visit 6th Benoni Cub Pack. What a wonderful pack this is - full of enthusiam and spirit!
The theme for their programme was "the patron saints" and the first one they learnt about was St Patrick. Being from Ireland, it is traditional that everyone wears green on the 17th March. It is believed that he chased out all the snakes from Ireland and so the cubs played a game called "catch the snake" just after the opening.

The other two saints they learnt about were Saint Christopher and Saint Anthony. Saint Christopher - the saint of travel and Saint Anthony the saint to pray to should you lose anything.

This was one of the Memory Games the cubs played. A number of items are placed on the floor (same amount as there are cubs). Example: pen, glue, scissors, battery, torch etc. Cubs may look at them for approximately 30 seconds. Then their caps are placed over the items and these are arranged in a cirlce. Divide the pack into two teams. Team A nominates someone from Team B to find the 'scissors'. If he gets it correct, he may take it and gets 1 point. Then Team B nominates someone from Team A to find the 'glue' or whatever item; and so it goes on.
They loved this game and had so much fun when they actually found the correct item!

One of the Cubs updating the Progress Chart.
Till next Time
Keep cubbing
Akela Joy

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Leaders Skill Day - 10 November

Approximately 75 Pack Scouters and Pack Helpers descended on Gilwell Florida here in Johannesburg to add to their vast knowledge and learn a few more ideas to take back to their own Packs.
Many brilliant ideas were put forward in games, craft work, compass work, puzzles, golf, ... to name just a few. Here the Pack Scouters are having fun making a Toucan Bird Feeder.The Knotting Base - by the Sea Captain himself!

Little pine cone bird.

The craft ladies in action

Pirates of the Caribbean - compass work

The South African Flag - with a difference!
The Jungle Book - a wealth of ideas!

.... and a beautiful mask to make!

The static base told us all about the new Interest Badges that had been introduced as well as other interesting facts like "World Thinking Day"
Brilliant ideas will now be taken back to each Pack in the Area.
Email me if you would like any of these ideas for your Pack.
Till Next Time
Keep Cubing
Akela Joy

Homecraft Badge - 9th November 2007

Today was real "housekeeping" day at 9th Benoni! The Cubs were getting set for their Homecraft Interest Badge.

We are very priviledged at 9th Benoni to have such beautiful and well maintained grounds both at the hall and at Arrowe Park. Here our Cubs are listening to instructions for their Steam Release Game from our Group Scouter, Mr Shane Gardiner.

To make sure our Cubs know how to set that Christmas Party table, we pre-set one to show them one of the correct ways to set a table.

.... and just look how well they did! Well done to our guys - you did such a stunning job.

Cleaning that dirty brass!

And washing the dishes!
The cubs also ironed their scarves and sewed a button.
At home, to complete the Interest Badge, the Cubs will have to make their beds and bring a note to Akela.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, November 02, 2007

3rd Impala - Boksburg

The Jungle Book follows the ups and downs of the man-cub Mowgli as he journeys through life in the jungle, making friends with the wise panther Bagheera whilst trying to escape the ruthless tiger Shere Khan. Along the way, he meets unforgettable friends and foes including the hypnotic snake Kaa and the loveable, happy-go-lucky bear Baloo, who teaches Mowgli the true meaning of friendship.
Fun and excitement for all at every turn!
Kaa the ssssnake happened to sssslither in.

I visited 3rd Impala in Boksburg today and a whole jungle of animals awaited me! From snakes, to bears and panthers to beautiful girls and even a little man cub!

.... and here are they.
Let me introduce you to them!
This is Bagheera the Panther and Mowgli the 'man cub'

.... Bagheera the Panther.....
Just look at that tail!

Wow! Isn't she just gorgeous!
This is Messua from the village

... and here Akela Kate is teaching them a new song.

The Jungle Bunch
Till nex Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Cub Progrmme - 2 November

Another fun programme - from start to finish!

After our forman opening.....
...we played a quick game (with water) which the cubs love.

Two of our Leaping Wolf cubs are busy writing an article on what they did last week Saturday at the 'Catch-Up' Day held at the hall.
Some monkeys in the tree!

Is that a Figure-of-Eight?

Nearly there..... let's try again!

.... and the Bowline goes like this....
Till nex Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Saturday, October 27, 2007

9th Benoni Catch Up Day - 27th October 2007

Today we held a 'catch-up' day to ensure that come the new year, all cubs will be on the New Cub Programme.
It was very well attended by all the cubs.
Here our Pack Helper, Elize, is showing them how to make compost.
She has taken all her vegetable peelings, egg shells, sawdust etc. and the cubs had to put them in the "compost heap" (bucket) . While she was doing this, she explained to the cubs why it is important to make a compost heap.
Every half hour during the day, we had a break from Instruction and played a few games. Heere we are having fun with some balloons.
Divide the cubs into 2 teams. They are to sit opposite each other and are supposedly not to move! One balloon is introduced and must be hit from one team to the other and must not touch the ground. If it does, that team loses a point. After a while introduce another balloon.

We were learning all about Living Things - including insects, animals and also trees.

Kendra winding her cardboard for her Buddy Burner.

Ricardo and Nishlan busy making their Buddy Burners.
Take tuna cans (or similar) and cut strips of cardboard the same height as the can. Wind the cardboard round, and round inside the can until it fits snugly and tightly. Ensure that you have placed a piece of string in the centre for the wick. Heat candle wax and slowly pour into the tin until it covers the cardboad. Allow to set and cool. Be very careful and wax can burn.
This is "Incy Wincy" the junk craft spider. Isn't he just gorgeous. One of the cubs told me his spider is the love spider and if he bites you, you will fall in love! Isn't that wonderful.
This little spider is made from the egg carton - one little section is cut out and turned over - and painted black. Little holes are made in the side for its legs which are pipe cleaners. The Cubs can then paint eyes and lips on if they so desire. Glitter and sequins etc. can also be added.

Now this is a FUN, FUN, FUN game!
A line is drawn on the floor - we stuck a strip of plaster on the floor.
Cubs are divided into two teams and they stand either side of the line and numbered off 1 to n. A leader stands at each end of the line. Cubs on the left are told where their starting point is and Cubs on the right are told where their starting point is.
A number is called - let's say number 4 is called. Cub number 4 from both sides runs to the top of their starting line and gets handed a pillow. He must now "walk the line" one foot in front of the other until his opponent reaches him where they will have a pillow fight. The first cub to set off the line is out and the other team gains a point.
The cubs loved this game and wanted to play it over and over again.
We showed them how to do water purification.
Cut a 2 lire coke bottle in half and turn the top part round and place into the bottom half. We put a cotton ball inside at the neck of the bottle. We then took some very fine stones and placed a layer of those across the top of the cottom wool. We then place about 2 cm of slightly courser stones and finally about 3 cm of stones. We took the hankies from our emergency kits and placed them over the top of the bottles and then collected some of the dam water and poured in into the hanky.
This water looked clean but once it went through this filtration process we could see all the dirty particles staying behind in the cottonwool.
To still perfect it further, it is suggested to boil the water for a full 10 minutes or to use special tables that are available from the chemist.
By this time the Cubs were starving and the Lions needed to build a fire. We showed the Cubs how to cook omelettes in a Ziploc Bag.
Everyone enjoyed this novel idea!
Great fun was had by all and we are now all on the New Cub Programme.
Until next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
See next event - AGM and Prize Giving