Friday, July 31, 2009

"Our" Guide Dog - 31st July 2009

We have a very special and important pack meeting today!
We were officially introducted to "our" guide dog!

Every week at cubs, we collect "funny money". We decide upfront what we will be collecting for and this time round, the cubs decided that they would like to sponsor another Guide Dog.
This is a huge amount of money to save - R10 000 - so it has taken quite a while; perhaps just over 3 years but we have finally done it!
This is Imrani and she will be our Guide Dog this time round.
She is only 12 weeks old and ever so precious!
This is a brother dog that joined Imrani on her visit. He is also a Guide Dog and joined in on the fun for the day! He had such a wonderful run around our grounds.

Sitting ever so well and watching the goings on.

Imrani was handed her very own 9th Benoni Bambanai scarf. She immediately decided the woggle looked like a good item to chew!

Big Brother was keen to get in on the act as well.

and because this was such a special occasion, she also received a bone from all the cubs.

Mmmmm - very tasty indeed!

This initiative forms part of our National Cub Challenge where we need to show that we"care" for someone in the community.
Our local newspaper was there to take photos.

Well done to all the Cubs.
We are so proud of you for raising so much money to help someone else.... and now you have met Imrani and we shall be keeping in close contact with her and we shall watch her progress as she goes through her "puppy walking" and training.

We then did some work!
We started to work on our Citizen Badge which ties in nicely with organisations that help other people!

.... and we also invested 3 New Chums!

... our Pack is growing in leaps and bounds!

.... and we are having so much fun!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Jungle Book - Mowglis Brothers - 24th July 2009

Welcome back to a full term of fun in the jungle!
Our theme this term is The Jungle Book.....

... and what better game to play than Bagheera's Bones!

Cubs run around whilst Bagheera has his back to them. The cubs try to sneak up to take the food (sweets) and as Bagheera turns around, the cubs have to freeze.

Those caught moving are to sit to one side.

Most of our cubs do not know all the names of the Jungle Book Characters.....

.... so our next game was a relay where they had to match a picture to a name.

I think today was the coldest day here in Benoni so we quickly showed the cubs Baloo's Dance before moving on inside for the next game.

Our next game - creeping through the Jungle -is a favourite of ours and really enjoyed by the leaders and cubs alike! To start with, in full view of the cubs, fresh eggs are placed on the floor together with eggs shells. The cubs are chased outside and blindfolded.
While the cubs are outisde, all the eggs are picked up and in their place we put corn flakes.

Cubs are guided in and -now they think that they are navigating between eggs - guided through the jungle like Bagheera would with Mowgli.

A couple of "careful the eggs", "go left", add to the scene and once they take their blindfolds off, they all have a good laugh!

Our last game was "swinging through the vines" where cubs find a partner and sit down, legs outstretched, feet touching. Cubs sit next to each other with each cub being given a number. A certain number is called and they must run through the legs and around and back to their place.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy