Friday, January 18, 2013

1st Kempton - 18th January 2013

Today we learnt about the Left Handshake, Grand Howl and Salute.
But not before some inspection of "claws and paws" 
 We took the cubs around the world and our Steam game was in England!   Cubs run around and on the command "Big Ben"  they had to stand still,  "Buckingham Palace"  saw them march like soldiers, whilst "Covent Gardens" had them singing like opera stars!

 Up and coming opera stars!
 Next we were in Holland for the cheese rolling competition!
Here Bagheera explained the Left Handshake and why we all use it.
 Cubs had to roll a cheese to the Cub Instructor who picked it up..... and the cub had to shake hands with her before getting his cheese.

 Next we visited the Equator where it is very hot and water is precious..... cubs had to pass the precious water to each other without dropping!  If they dropped their balloon they had to collect another from Akela but first had to salute.
Akela explained the salute and showed everyone how to use it.
 It was on to India where each cub found themselves making a Totem Pole

 Our sense game had the cubs tasting all sorts of sweets - which they just loved!

Our last game was a circle game of revision.  A dice was made with all the different learnings for the day.  Each cub got a turn to throw the dice..... eg:  a cub had a chance and it landed on "salute" and he would show everyone else the salute.... another would throw the dice and it would land on the picture of a left handshake which he would then do.

Another great meeting!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Saturday, January 12, 2013

1st Kempton Park is up and running! - 11th January 2013

1st Kempton Park Cubs started again after a short break  and 8 cubs arrived for the first Pack Meeting!
 We introduced the cubs to the Jungle Animals which they had to around the playing area.
 They enjoyed a game of pulling out the animals tails .....

 .... and Akela Kitty told them how cubbing began all those years ago.
 They loved hearing about all the Jungle Animals and then it was their turn to make a Wolf Mask.

What a great bunch of cubs!
and well done to 1st Kempton.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy