Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Spirit Lives


The spirit lives, there is no doubt,
Within the heart of every Scout,
The hope lives on, the dreams survive,
The Scouting spirit is alive.
In England, many years ago,
There lived a man who sought to sow,
The seeds of brotherhood of man,
And there the spirit began.
The Scouting spirit spread about
To nations east, west, north and south,
And soon, on every land and shore,
Young men were taught the Scouting Law.
We camped and learned nature's ways,
We gloried in our youthful days,
We ventured where all others feared,
Because we knew we were prepared.
The world has changed as years went by,
Society's values went awry,
And many ask, "What is the worth
of Scouting on this wretched earth?"
But each new Scout who learns our law
Brings with him hope and so much, much more;
Each generation of Scouts gives
The proof that Scouting's spirit lives.
The treasured values of the past
Still guide Scouts of today; they last
in spite of changes that we see
Around us in society.
And, still adventures filled with fun
Await today's Scouts, every one;
In them that spirit, born of old
May yet transform this sorry world.
And so we say without a doubt,
that in the heart of every Scout
The hopes lives on, the dream survives
The Scouting Spirit is alive!
GK Sammy
former Scout of 31st Trinidad

Friday, December 03, 2010

End of the Year Party - 3rd December 2010

Well, today was our last Cub Pack Meeting - so that meant P A R T Y!

At all our Sixer Council Meetings we have been speaking to the Sixers about their duties and responsibilities, and so we thought we would give them all the opportunity to each run thier favourite game!
Megan started off with the steam release game.
Cubs had to put their scarves in the back of their pants. On go, the other cubs chased them to retrieve the 'tail'.
A very popular game!

Caitlin was up next and her favourite game is "Cat and Mouse"

Cubs stand in rows - equal number in each row.
Cubs hold their arms out-stretched. On the blow of the whistle, cubs must change direction still holding their arms up.
2 cubs are chosen - 1 to be the mouse who is running away, the other the cat who is doing the chasing!
Liam decided on "King Stinger"
- a game enjoyed by all.

Matthew and Aiden decided that "Pass the Parcel" would be enjoyed and here is
Matthew explaining what is required.

Aiden watching that all goes well.

The winner!

Quentin also had a fun game!
He decided that a Scavenger Hunt to find the party food would be awesome!

Each cub was given a plastic packet and they went from base to base to find what their party food would be.

The final base was in the hall - for cold drink!

..... and the party began ......

Last week at the pool, a number of our cubs did their "Swimming Badge" and here they are receiving them.

Wade received his Handcraft Badge - well done!

... and Megan managed to complete her Aquanaut Badge as well.
Congratulations to everyone!
We are now closed for the holiday - see you all in January 2011.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy