Friday, July 27, 2012

Joining in at the Olympics Games with Bear Grylls - 27th July 2012

Our cubs journeyed to London today to take part in the Olympic Games! As you can see we took part in the wheelbarrow race, javelin throwing, a shake, rattle and roll competition just to name a few!
But can you believe it! The organisers have gone and lost the Olympic Torch!
Steam Release: Finding the Torch
Cubs run around looking pieces of the torch - colour coded for each Six. Once each cub has collected a piece, they get together to form their Torch.

Let the games begin!
Shake, rattle and roll!
Base 1: Cubs have a tissue box strapped to their back. Ping pong balls are placed inside and they need to see how many they can get rid of.

Base 2: Cups are placed a distance ahead. Each cup has a value. So the back cups were probably worth 10 points each and the front ones only two points each. Cubs were given 4 balls and had to see how many points they could score.
Base 3: The Olympic Rings. Cubs had to javelin throw a pool noodle through the rings.

Base 4: Cubs had to see how many cheese curls would stick to a shower caps full of shaving cream!
Cubs nominated a cub who would wear the shower cap. They smothered foam all over it.
Standing behind a rope they then had to throw cheese curls at the cub and see how many would stick. T!he winning team managed to get 25 to stay!

.... and what would the Olympic Games be without a wheelbarrow race!

Awesome work done by all Sixes
But there can only be one winner and today that goes to Green and Blue Six who combined for this game!
Proudly displaying their medals!
(Biscuit on a ribbon)
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, July 20, 2012

Around the World in Bear Gryll's suitcase - 20th July 2012

  Our steam release game saw us running around collecting items to pack in our suitcase!  Items that would be need for a special journey with Bear Grylls.  Next we had to get our passport ready! 
 Cubs made their passports and each week will add another tag to it.  This tag will depict where we have been plus they will be given a "trading card" sticker to stick to their tag in return for an item that can be used by a development pack that will be starting up soon.  So in other words each cub will bring an item such as crayons, pencils, scissors, ropes, glue.  At the end of the term these items will be handed over to the development pack as one of our good turns.
 Next week everyone must bring one tennis ball!

 Passports are completed!
 Bear Grylls knows his knots and we needed to just check that we knew what we were doing....
 Cubs in relay formation, run up and tie a reef knot, take a bean and run back.
 Next cub runs up and unties the knot, takes a bean and runs back.  The idea is that everyone should have a turn to tie the knot as well as untie the knot.

 Time for instruction and the Leopards learnt about Water Creatures - the crocodile!
 Compass work for the Lions
 Kim's game for the Caracals
 Listening hard to the sounds around them...
 Now that we have packed our bags, got our passports in order it was time to find our seats on the plane!
 Music played - cubs run around and find their seat on the plane.  Music stops but 1 chair has been taken away.  Cubs who cannot find chair sit in the middle.

 .... and the winner is!
 Our cubs have worked so hard and quite a number of advancement badges were handed out!
 Well done to all those who achieved both advancement and interest badges.

I do apologise for these "sideways" photos but after downloading these 4 times, I have given up.  I apologise in advance for your stiff neck!

Till next week
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Monday, July 09, 2012

Sixer Council Meeting - 8th July 2012

The Sixers and Seconds came together on Sunday for a Sixer Council Meeting.
6th Benoni joined us.
 Having fun making paper aeroplanes in which was hidden their pudding - a chocolate!

 Mmn delicious pizza for lunch!
 Looks like we did nothing but eat! 
But honestly we did do some work!

and here we are hard at work..
Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy