Saturday, May 31, 2008

Athlete Antics

This week we worked towards our Athletes Interest Badges.
Unfortunately we did not capture too much on camera - as I had forgotten it at home!

The advancement for the Leaping Wolves was the 24 hour clock and this is a lovely game to play. Take 2 pieces of rope (one shorter than the other) and let all the cubs stand around in a circle. Indicate where 12, 3, 6 and 9 are and then let them shout out a time. Example: the first cub will say 23h00: whoever moves the ropes into the correct positions, gets to shout out the next time - say 18h15..... and so it goes on until everyone has had a turn.
We had a "going up" ceremony for 3 of our Cubs.
..... and we really are going to miss their fun, laughter and smiles!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Boot Camp - May 2008

I am sure every cub returned from the Boot Camp exhausted but exhilirated!

Camp opened with Grand Howl with cubs from the Benoni and Airport Districts.

To ensure that the cubs got to know the area, an Orienteering Game was planned. This was such a great game whereby pairs of cubs were handed a piece of paper with numbers on them. These numbers corresponded to areas in the army camp and next to each number was written a name. Example: the cubs would run up to the ablution area and there would be number "3. Oscar" or "6. Tanga". The cubs had to write these all down and then take the first letter of each word to form a sentence ...... which was "Do Your Best".

3 stooges from 9th Benoni

The army pitched all the tents for us!

Playing the Orienteering Game.

9th Benoni Bunch

.... and the hard work begins!
The army taught them the basics on how to march!
We then divided into our different squadrons and set up bases for the day.
Base 1 - cubs had to make bombs for their war. These were to be placed in their "trommel" and they had to look after these all day.

Deep concentration!

Base 2 - Dog Tags. This is such a brilliant idea! Lead is cut into lengths and each cub had to cut off 2 small pieces. We had letters of the alphabet which the cubs used to print their name on the one dog tag and on the other they put their squadron name. These they hung on bath plug chain.

Base 3 - was a compass base ....

.... which the cubs loved!

I was "responsible" for the Delta squadron - and here they are - great guys!

Just before lunch break, the cubs needed to "stash some grenades" - this was the normal egg and spoon race but with marbles - in relay formation. The winner was the one with the most grenades.
James said a wonderful grace before lunch.

afterwhich we had a tug-of-war race!
Next on the agenda, it was the army, the leaders versus the cubs ..... and guess who won?
(the Cubs!!)

We continued with the bases after lunch and at Base 4 we had an Obstacle Course.
He is one of the cubs enjoying the "foofie slide"

... another 'foofie slider'

up and over the cargo net

....guarding their weapons of war ....
We had one other base where the cubs were shown how to take a rifle apart and told about all the safety precautions of using a gun.

And the war begins!
Each squadron was given a huge "catapult" and made full use of all their ammunition.

Having fun...

Enjoying a hearty meal

After supper a huge flare was sent up (see below) to indicate to the cubs that it was time to go and get their camp fire blankets plus dress warmly. Being the end of May, it is really chilly at night here.
The cubs were lines up and seated and with huge eyes and attentive ears, everyone listened to what the army guys had to say.

Red flare.

Campfire and sleep over - time for clean-up and inspection.

...... rise and shine ......
Time for army PT ... and learning how to do a few push ups!

Part of the exercise was to run the perimeter of the grounds and bring back a 2 foot stick of about 1 inch in diameter. Well, this cub thought he meter 2 metre "stick".

..... and on closer inspection we noticed the beauty of this "stick" which the army then decided to keep in a place of honour.
The army doing inspection.
After breakfast we played a magnificent game.
Cubs are lined up in relay formation. One cub is blindfolded and one cub stands opposite him. The blindfolded cub has to navigate his way through the minefield with his buddy shouting out instruction "keep left, little right, keep straight, etc" While they were doing this the army were letting off crackers so it sounded just like bombs going off!
If a cub lands on a mine (kicks a bottle) he has lost a leg and needs to continue by hopping. If he hits another mine, he loses both legs and must then crawl to the other side.
Once there the other cub runs back and goes to the end of the line and the next cub up gets a turn to cross the mine field.
We had many laughs during this game!

Once we had collected up all our "injured", the cubs did some "extreme surgery" and then carried them back to "hospital".

More help needed..

It was nearly home time! Cubs changed back into their uniforms and we transported them - army style - across the road to another facility where we, once again set up bases.

Base 1 - each cub painted a camp-fire patch as a memento of the boot camp!
Base 2 - the cubs played 'army bingo' and Base 3 was a tour of an army museum.

Cubs Own

Passing out Parade!
Each cub was awarded his "badge" at the end of the camp .....

plus a cigar!
Great fun was had by all...
Until next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recycling - 16th May 2008

The cubs enjoyed a fun and exciting programme this week all about how to save our world.

Our steam release game was a great way in which to teach the cubs what canand cannot be recycled. The names, "Paper, Metal, Glass and Plastic" were placed at strategic spots around the hall. Names of items (coke bottle, magazine, margerine tub, mayo bottle etc) were typed on paper and placed in a bucket in the middle of the hall. On "go" cubs raced to the bucket picked up a name and then had to decide under what category it fell (plastic, glass, metal or paper) and race to whichever side of the hall held that name.

Kitty - our ADC - telling the cubs a wonderful yarn about how important it is to recycle and save the world.

The Six was given an Outdoor Code puzzle - the race was on to see who could complete it in record time!

Cubs making men from recyclable materials.

Awesome art!

Just look at some of this junk craft!

.... this one just needs a head!

The imaginations went wild!
The power of posters.
Each Six painted their own poster - advocating keeping the world clean; recycling etc.

Save the Sea

Keep litter at bay.

Don't litter!
We have our District Cub Camp next week - 24/25th May.
We shall be back again with more fun and adventure on Friday 30th May.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy