Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recycling - 16th May 2008

The cubs enjoyed a fun and exciting programme this week all about how to save our world.

Our steam release game was a great way in which to teach the cubs what canand cannot be recycled. The names, "Paper, Metal, Glass and Plastic" were placed at strategic spots around the hall. Names of items (coke bottle, magazine, margerine tub, mayo bottle etc) were typed on paper and placed in a bucket in the middle of the hall. On "go" cubs raced to the bucket picked up a name and then had to decide under what category it fell (plastic, glass, metal or paper) and race to whichever side of the hall held that name.

Kitty - our ADC - telling the cubs a wonderful yarn about how important it is to recycle and save the world.

The Six was given an Outdoor Code puzzle - the race was on to see who could complete it in record time!

Cubs making men from recyclable materials.

Awesome art!

Just look at some of this junk craft!

.... this one just needs a head!

The imaginations went wild!
The power of posters.
Each Six painted their own poster - advocating keeping the world clean; recycling etc.

Save the Sea

Keep litter at bay.

Don't litter!
We have our District Cub Camp next week - 24/25th May.
We shall be back again with more fun and adventure on Friday 30th May.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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