Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adventure Camp - 25/26 October

Saturday morning started off with fun, fun and more fun!

We opened with the Grand Howl, divided them into 2 Teams - Eagles and Falcons - and then they all got into camp gear.

Our first game was one for exploring and each team needed to find birds making up their team names.


Flamingo - F

Albatross - A

Loerie - L

Canary - C

Ostrich - O

Nightjar - N

Swallow - S

They needed to collect all the pictures and bring them to Akela in the correct order!

Team Eagle

The theme for the camp was based on the book "My Side of the Mountain" by Jean Craighead George. This book tells the story of a young boy who runs away from home and lives inside a tree in the woods.

For the next game we hid items around Arrowe Park and had a Scavenger Hunt. Once all items were found, each team had to make their way to the tree-house.

Our beautiful tree-house

Winter had arrived in the woods and a snow storm was on the horizon.

Cubs in a circle whilst a bottle is swung around. Cubs must jump out of the way but if hit, they are out. To add excitement, holes were made in the bottom of this bottle allowing water to spray out.... hence a snow storm!

We all knew that we needed to find food - so next on the agenda was to fish.

Here the cubs had just completed their fishing rods made out of bamboo.

Crossing to the Island

Fishing for Lunch

We used biltong for bait as we know that the crabs at Arrowe Park just love this. (Biltong is dried and salted meat)

This is the view up the river at Arrowe Park - just beautiful.

Still trying to catch those crabs....

Our outdoor chapel

We showed the cubs how to do some lashings and made a useful camp gadget.

Whilst in the woods, one needs to know how to track for animals and here we are tracking down leopards and zebra by following trail signs.

The young boy in the book finds himself a Falcon by climbing a mountain and "stealing" a baby from the nest.

Cubs "climbed their mountains" and fetched their origami birds from the top of the containers - only 1 bird had the name "Frightful" inside of it and this cub was the winner of a prize.

As is normal for this time of the year, we get our summer rains! The wind started up and the clouds gathered --- and we had one great thunderstorm!

Our indoor activities planned were making this fabulous wolf cap.

This looks very intricate but taken step by step is very simple.

and the cubs loved them

.... if you would like the pattern, please leave a message at the end of the post, or email me.

These are all made by the cubs themselves.

The sun was out once again on Sunday and we had a glorious day!

The cubs made their very own milkshakes!

Ice cream and milk are placed in a smaller container which is then placed into a bigger container that can seal very well.

Cubs roll this back and forth, shaking the ice cream and milk together.

They had super-duper fun doing this!

Treasure chest filled with sweets!

What a find!

The cubs enjoyed their pillow fight - it looks a lot easier than it really is!

Don't fall off now....

The beauty of Arrowe Park

One of our Leaders happened to notice this bird flying by and settling in one of the bluegum trees. It is a Gymnogene - not often seen in Arrowe Park so we were very lucky!

After our Cub's Own, we closed the camp with the Grand Howl.

Much fun, laughter and adventure was had by all.

If you would like to find out anything with regards to games, ideas or crafts you can email me.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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Friday, October 24, 2008

JOTI / JOTA 2008

At 9th Benoni the scouts set up a JOTI station in the hall. They had approximately 10 computers that were occupied 100% of the time - the whole weekend!
Map of Contacts throughout the world.

Making a Buzzer at the electronic base.
(Apologies for the sideward photo - downloaded it 3 times but the computer prefered this view!)

Radio Ham Base

"This is ZS6BP - anyone there?"

Callisto Girl Troop Scouter

My prodigal son .....

... my biological son on the right....

Radio Ham Mast
I believe all the scouts had a great weekend!
The Cubs are camping in Arrowe Park this weekend - 25/26th October and a specially built treehouse has been designed and erected for us. We can't wait!
Pictures, games and activities to follow shortly - so keep posted!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, October 17, 2008

Harry Potter - the wonder of wizz!

Firstly we had a very important task to complete before we wizzed off!
Our newest recruit was invested into the pack! Welcome!
Looking very smart with mom!
The rains came pouring down just as we were beginning our next game! We were expecting this as it is the JOTI weekend and it ALWAYS RAINS!

Items were hidden around the hall beginning with the letters for H-A-R-R-Y P-O-T-T-E-R.
So H was for hat; A was apple; R was radio; R again for rope; Y was the yarn; and so on.
A is for Apple!

..... and here we have it spelt out correctly!

Because of the rain, we put in a filler game of "indoor hockey".
The cubs really enjoy this and it can be played anytime!
Some sense training...

How to fold the flag and do the sheetbend correctly.

"Look at my beautiful picture"
This is the Outdoor Code.

Making our Harry Potter Hats.

Looking great!

Happy Joti/Jota weekend
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy