Thursday, October 02, 2008

Area Cub Fun Day - 24 September

South Africa has many vibrant cultures and to celebrate this heritage we held our Area Cub Fun Day at Arrowe Park to help depict a vast number of them.

Our district chose to host the "Xhosa" culture.

We held the Area Cub Fun Day at the beautiful Arrowe Park in Benoni.

Grand Howl

At the Xhosa Base, we showed the cubs how to make the traditional Xhosa pipe. This pipe is smoked by the ladies.
(See Crafts for Creative Hands for instructions)

We also had the traditional drums...

.... and as is tradition, the young boys always have stick fights.
The only difference here, is that the cubs had to stick fight on "teeta boards"

We also painted their faces the traditional Xhosa way.

Even Akela Jenny needed the "peace pipe"

There were bows and arrows to be made....

More face paiting at other bases....

Having fun crossing from the island....

.... making parachutes....

..... playing dominoes with sucker sticks......

Akelas dressed in traditional Voortrekker outfits!

.... a Voortrekker Wagon ....

..... walking on stilts .....

... a Zulu Lady ....

.... Zulu beading ....

Cubs having fun whilst fishing.

There was also a gig available to take the cubs out onto the dam.

... making Chinese Lanterns ....

and at the end of the day we had Rand Water do a fun demonstration on the importance of conserving water..

Cubs dancing to the Water Wise "jingle"

This was a fantastic event and enjoyed by everyone.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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