Friday, August 28, 2009

Being a Good Citizen - 28th August 2009

Today we learnt about being good citizens!

We started doing the Citizen Badge a few weeks ago, and today we completed a few more parts of it.
Our angels!
We played a lovely game called "defending the president". Each cub had a balloon tied on his shoe with an elastic band. Cubs had to run around trying to pop each other's balloon. The cubs had to try and protect their own Sixer and not allow anyone to pop his balloon.
This was such a quick and easy, fun game to play.

The next part of the badge was to learn about 2 historical places of interest near Benoni. Rikki is fantastic with historical items so he told them about the Voortrekker Monument as well as Dunswart in Benoni. The cubs will now go home and write this up in their little booklet that we made for them.
Baloo told them why we have laws...
The cubs will now go home, complete the badge requirements and make an appointment with the examiner.
A few more games were played and here they learnt how to work as a team!
A cup of water was passed overhead all the way to the back and then all the way forward again. The team with the most water in the cup when it arrives back in the front, is the winner.
Just look at the expressions on these faces!!
One of "my cubs" was invested into scouts tonight - so I stayed behind for the investiture.

Congratulations and wishing you well on your scouting journey to Springbok!

Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kaa's Hunting - 21st August 2009

The Bandalog were full of beans today and our first "game" was sending the cubs out with no instruction at all just to see what they would do.

As is normal with "little monkeys" they ran around aimlessly with no leader.....
... getting up to all sorts of mischief!
The Jungle Book story continued...(and this is a lovely version of the original story - shortened for the younger reader)
Of course, Mowgli had to have very sharp eyes in the jungle to watch out for any danger.
... and here Raksha, without saying a word, is throwing items into a bucket....

.... afterwhich the cubs had to recall each and every item.

any my favourite is when Kaa loses his skin.
This is such a great game to play and when the cubs eventually catch on to what is happening and get it right, it can be great fun!

The dance of Kaa
and they enjoyed this tremendously as well.
... round and round.... hissing like a snake...
On to the craft...

.... and there were some beautiful snakes - all colourful and bright.

Our Cheetahs learnt about Road Safety
While the Leaping Wolves did Time
The Leopards concentrated on Sense Training
.. and the Lions did Feats of Skill

All in all a most enjoyable programme
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, August 14, 2009

National Cub Challenge 14 August 2009

Today we had our "special programme" for the National Cub Challenge. Some of the cubs came dressed up as "Care Bears"

We started off by parading those that had come dressed up and choosing a winner. Today our winners were our twins who dressed up in these beautiful outfits made by their mom especially for this meeting.
Being Care Bears, we all need to know where we are going so our first game was a quick NSEW.
Followed by the "Smile Song"

What better way to get to all those people in need, than by taking a bus! Here they played a lovely game "on the bus" where if a name was called out that was a STREET, they had to do a certain action, whilst if ROAD was called they had to do another action.
Here they had reached the BUS STOP, and they knew they had to exit through the "doors" and sit quietly in the hall.
After listening to a lovely yarn and doing some sense training, each cub made a special car for someone special.

Care Bears need to be able to work with anyone in the community. Here the cubs played a game whereby they picked up a card and had to "mime and act" out what was written on a card. Example: Fireman, Policeman, Nurse etc

All Care Bears collect clothes for the under-priviledged!
We played a circle game passing around an object and when STOP was called, a bag of clothes was presented to that cub who had to pull out any article and put it on.

We invested 2 New Chums into the Pack
Welcome Lindsay!
Welcome Matthew!
It is lovely to have you all with us....
... and Mark was award his Leaping Wolf Certificate...
Well Done Mark - this is wonderful work!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy