Friday, August 30, 2013

4th Benoni and a visit with Alice

I so enjoyed my visit to 4th Benoni today ..... and who should we meet up with but Alice in Wonderland!
 Alice is sitting on the riverbank with her sister and is very bored.  She sees a white rabbit running by and decides to follow it down its hole.  She finds herself in a room with many locked doors - she needs a key.
Cubs run around looking for the golden key which  has been hidden before cubs starts.

 Once the door is open Alice sees that there are many strange characters in Wonderland
RELAY GAME:  Wonderland
Cubs line up in relay formation.  Place 6 different pictures of wonderland pictures on the walls - one for each cub.  Let them first of all run and collect a picture making sure that each six has different pictures.  In relay they run forward and collect whatever item corresponds with their character.
Example: Cheshire Cat - mask of cat;  white rabbit - clock

 Alice begins her strange journey and gets advise from a caterpillar and directions from a Cheshire Cat!
TRAIL - Find the Cheshire Cat's Grin
 A trail is set out for each six - differentiated by colour.  Once they have completed the trail they need to look for the cat's grin.

 Alice can make herself large or small by eating different items
KIM"S GAME - Tasting 20 items

 Recalling them all and writing them down.
 Learning time

 Alice follows the directions from the cat and arrives at the Mad Hatters un-birthday party!
TEAM GAME:  Pouring the Tea....Cubs are divided into Teams.  Each team has a teapot, plastic cup, tray and a bucket of water.  The cub needs to fill the teapot, pour the tea into the cup and walk across the hall to another bucket to deposit the water.  Team with the most water in the bucket wins.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Sunday, August 18, 2013

6th Benoni visit - 16th August

6th Benoni cubs - visit on Friday 16th August
 The cubs are busy with the National Cub Challenge and here they are matching countries to flags!
 This can be quite challenging for a young cub - but what an opportunity to learn!
 ..... sometimes just a little help is needed...
 Cubs then drew a picture of something that was very special to them - mom, dad, siblings animals etc.

 I was absolutely amazed at the skills of this young cub - his bird that he draw was picture perfect!
 Before going out to play, the cubs learnt the importance of having an birth certificate and an ID document etc.
 Having fun!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, August 02, 2013

A visit to 2nd Boksburg - National Cub Challenge

2nd Boksburg were doing part of the National Cub Challenge today
Akela started off by telling all the cubs about their "rights and responsibilities"
They played a lovely game whilst learning that everyone has the right to shelter.
All cubs are given a "shelter" (piece of paper to stand on) except for 2 cubs.  The one cub needs to chase the other cub.  However the cub being chased can go up to a cub in a shelter and say "please may I have your shelter"  He then steps onto the paper and the other cubs runs around and hopefully does not get caught!
We learnt that every second 4 babies get born into this world.
It was time to make our very own baby.

Just as we are all very different, so were these darling babies!
Even though it is our right to have shelter, it is our responsibility to keep it tidy.
Cubs played a lovely game of keeping "their rooms tidy"
Akela and Bagheera build a very quick shelter to show the cubs that it is not difficult to get shelter from the elements anywhere and anytime.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy