Friday, September 19, 2008

Olympics - 19 September 2008

Our Sixer Council Meeting was very productive with a lot of great suggestions coming forward from both the Sixers and Seconds.

As part of the fun for the Sixer Council Meeting, we arranged for some "goodie bags" for each participant.
The Council decided that next term's theme will be "MOVIES".
We have a super term ahead with lots of activities plus outings ..... so keep posted!
Our meeting this week focused on the Olympics .... and our first game was taking the "Olympic Torch" and welcoming all the participating countries.

Names of all the countries were scattered around the playing field. Each cub was given a list of country's names and they then had to find each country - in alphabetical order - whilst carrying their 'torch'.
As you can see the torch is the inner of a toilet roll plus a hard boiled egg.

This was great fun and cubs 'raced around the world'

..... greeting all the participants ......

.... and finally we had the first 3 winners!

The next Olympic Game was ski-ing down the slopes of Switzerland!

... and this is far more difficult that it looks!

... but the cubs enjoyed it so much that we played this game twice!

And this was the winning team - well done!

Next up was baseball, but the ref had forgotten all the kit behind so the players had to improvise!
Here, using a flipper!

and here with a drumming mat!

Oh my ..... here with a broom!

and this one is a "t-square"

and even a waste-paper basket!

Whew - thank heavens there was a tennis raquet!

and a cardboard roll....

.... and even a number plate!

Our Leaping Wolves learnt all about Woodcraft Trails.....

whilst our Lions learnt the Sheep Shank and Bowline.
Till next time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cub Scouting Awareness

We held a Cub Awareness Day on the 6th September at the Northmead Square - one of the popular shopping malls in Benoni.

This is Rikki showing some of the 9th Benoni Cubs all the Interest Badges that they can achieve.

As part of the fun for the day, we organised a Jungle Treasure Hunt where pictures of the Jungle Book Characters were placed in different shop windows. Cubs and others had to go around the centre and look for the pictures and write down who these characters were.
Once completed, they needed to return the paper to us for checking to earn their reward.

We also showed them how to make God's Eye. A very simple craft that anyone can do.

Practise makes perfect!

The Outdoor Code was also on display - in puzzle format.

...... nearly completed.....

Looking Good...

Another activity that we had - and which the cubs thoroughly enjoyed - was the cooking of a marshmallow over a peanut!
A paperclip is inserted into a sturdy cap to hold an unsalted, oily peanut. This peanut is then lit. The marshmallow is placed onto a stick and held over the fire until soft.
MMmmmmmm --- delicious!
A fun activity (for all ages) is the frog race.

Cubs need to "walk" the frogs from one side to the other.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Fun in the Sun 12 September 2008

One of the games that we played at cubs yesterday was a revision game on the reef knot.

Here Rikki is reminding them how the reef knot is tied.
In relay formation, each cub ran forward, tied a reef knot correctly, then had to untie it and race back to his Six ..... when the next one came forward.

After having completed our bird badge, the cubs tried their hands at a bit of origami and made a paper bird.

The Leaping Wolves learnt all about South Africa's 5 National Symbols.....

while the Lions made a decorative keyring.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Monday, September 08, 2008

Bird Badge 5 September 2008

At our Pack Meeting on Friday we started off with our Bird Badge.
The requirements are:
Do 3 of the following:
1. Identify 5 different kinds of birds that live in southern Africa.
2. Show the examiner that you know 3 birds by their call or song.
3. Feed birds that are not in captivity and tell the examiner which birds you attract.
4. Draw and colour a bird which belongs to your locality.

Just as storks enjoy standing on one leg, we tried this for our first game!
Cubs ran around the playing field and on the blow of the whistle they had to stop and stand on 1 leg. The time they stood on 1 leg varied and if anyone put their other foot down, they were out!
This is not as simple as it seems!

As each cub arrived, we asked them to identify as many birds as they could. They were all able to identify a minum of 6 each.
The next task was to draw a bird in their vicinity. Owls are resident in Arrowe Park which is right next door to us and we thought that this would be an ideal bird to draw - an easy enough for the younger cubs.

A happy Cub!

A nearly, completed drawing....

We also took the cubs to the jetty where we looked around to see what birds we could identify. It was about 17h15 and not much was happening. We did, however, happen to see a few ducks as well as an African Spoonbill.

The Leaping Wolves had to do a "planting project". We decided that we would plant a lovely Iceberg Climbing Rose against the fence.
Here the cubs are deciding what needs to be done before they can begin planting.

1. Dig the hole
2. Prepare the soil
3. Add necessary organic plant additives
4. Plant rose
5. Water
Digging the hole - not easy as the ground was extremely hard!

..... digging in action ....

Just look at this fantastic knotting board done by a cub of 1st Benoni!
Well done!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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