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Bird Badge 5 September 2008

At our Pack Meeting on Friday we started off with our Bird Badge.
The requirements are:
Do 3 of the following:
1. Identify 5 different kinds of birds that live in southern Africa.
2. Show the examiner that you know 3 birds by their call or song.
3. Feed birds that are not in captivity and tell the examiner which birds you attract.
4. Draw and colour a bird which belongs to your locality.

Just as storks enjoy standing on one leg, we tried this for our first game!
Cubs ran around the playing field and on the blow of the whistle they had to stop and stand on 1 leg. The time they stood on 1 leg varied and if anyone put their other foot down, they were out!
This is not as simple as it seems!

As each cub arrived, we asked them to identify as many birds as they could. They were all able to identify a minum of 6 each.
The next task was to draw a bird in their vicinity. Owls are resident in Arrowe Park which is right next door to us and we thought that this would be an ideal bird to draw - an easy enough for the younger cubs.

A happy Cub!

A nearly, completed drawing....

We also took the cubs to the jetty where we looked around to see what birds we could identify. It was about 17h15 and not much was happening. We did, however, happen to see a few ducks as well as an African Spoonbill.

The Leaping Wolves had to do a "planting project". We decided that we would plant a lovely Iceberg Climbing Rose against the fence.
Here the cubs are deciding what needs to be done before they can begin planting.

1. Dig the hole
2. Prepare the soil
3. Add necessary organic plant additives
4. Plant rose
5. Water
Digging the hole - not easy as the ground was extremely hard!

..... digging in action ....

Just look at this fantastic knotting board done by a cub of 1st Benoni!
Well done!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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