Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cub Scouting Awareness

We held a Cub Awareness Day on the 6th September at the Northmead Square - one of the popular shopping malls in Benoni.

This is Rikki showing some of the 9th Benoni Cubs all the Interest Badges that they can achieve.

As part of the fun for the day, we organised a Jungle Treasure Hunt where pictures of the Jungle Book Characters were placed in different shop windows. Cubs and others had to go around the centre and look for the pictures and write down who these characters were.
Once completed, they needed to return the paper to us for checking to earn their reward.

We also showed them how to make God's Eye. A very simple craft that anyone can do.

Practise makes perfect!

The Outdoor Code was also on display - in puzzle format.

...... nearly completed.....

Looking Good...

Another activity that we had - and which the cubs thoroughly enjoyed - was the cooking of a marshmallow over a peanut!
A paperclip is inserted into a sturdy cap to hold an unsalted, oily peanut. This peanut is then lit. The marshmallow is placed onto a stick and held over the fire until soft.
MMmmmmmm --- delicious!
A fun activity (for all ages) is the frog race.

Cubs need to "walk" the frogs from one side to the other.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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