Friday, April 25, 2008

Icy Water !

Our theme today was water - quite pertinent as not only do we need to save electricity here in South Africa but water as well.
When asked, the cubs understood and already could tell us ways and means to save water.

Our recycled tins for our Mother's Day Craft..... more about that later!

Time for some water fun!

Our steam release game - 5 cubs were given water pistols and had to chase the rest of the pack. After a short period of time, the next 5 had a turn with the pistols, etc.
Kids just love water, coupled with a water pistol and they are happy!
..... and as you can see, even our leaders love playing with water!
Girl's revenge!

Balloon Bust!
Cubs are paired off and stand about 1 metre apart.
1 of the pair of cubs is given 1 balloon.
On the blow of a whistle they must gently throw the balloon to their partner. The whistle will blow and they will need to take 1 step back ..... and continue to throw the balloon. This is continued until you have a winner!

Once again the cubs love this simple game.

Our Mother's Day craft is very simple yet very effective..

Our next meeting is on the 9th May when we have invited all our moms, grannies and aunts to join us for a cup of tea. The Cubs will present their moms with this little gift.
A New Chum was invested today - well done Kimera.

Mom places Kimera's cap firmly on her head while Akela looks on.
Till next Time
Keep Cubing
Akela Joy
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Monday, April 21, 2008


Hooray! .... we are back with some more great cubbing adventures.

Our first programme started off as everyone beginning the journey as pirates .... and what do pirates do best - steal each others treasure.
Our steam release game was one where each team had to guard their own treasure while trying to steal the opponent's treasure. You can just imagine what bedlam it was!
Here are a few of the cubs with their 'treasure pots'
What would a pirate be without the proper gear. Each cub made his own pirate hat and also an eye patch.

A lovely Cub grin for all!

This is my sister who came through from Nelspruit to be with us all for my son's Springbok Scout Award presentation later in the evening.

Crafting Cubs

.... and the finished product!

Some precious pirates!
Next week we have another great programme lined up. The weather has turned rather chilly here in South Africa but nonetheless we still have enormous fun, fun, fun!

My son Luke has finally finished his Springbok Scouting Badge. This took a lot of hard work, dedication from both mom and son! Here Luke is presenting Akela Joy with her Springbok brooch!

Each Springbok Scout at 9th Benoni get a springbok trophy - here Luke is being presented his by the Group Scouter ...... "to be sewn on the right sleeve" !!!


Mom and Dad with Luke
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy


I am having problems uploading photos to the blog.
As soon as this is sorted out, you can join us on the Jolly Roger for an adventure not to be forgotten..... together with some
Buccaneers and Privateers!
Keep posted
Akela Joy

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Catch Up Meeting 11 April 2008

Hello and welcome back - Cubs starts again this coming Friday 18th April!
We got off to an early start with a Catch-Up programme for a few of the cubs to make sure they were on track.

We arrived early enough to get the fire going for the billy-can cooking. The cubs got their cans ready with a bit of water inside and an egg.
Nearly ready!

We laid a very simple trail using printed footprints. These were laid around the cub hall and these two were shown where the 1st one was........ and off they went. They did very well and found their way "home" again.

Their next task was a simple map and here they are busy drawing their house from a "bird's eye view".

Baloo (aka Ruth) popped over to visit us from Scotland, and helped out with the next Advancement. The children are doing a traditional / rhythmic dance. We also showed them Baloo's dance.

Next on the agenda was "how to save resources" and after explaining a little about what a resouce is and how to save them, they needed to do this little exercise.

Parts of the flag are very important and every Cub should know how to fold a flag and know all the parts. This crossword puzzle helps them to understand the different parts of the flag.

Cubs are taught that it is okay to say 'no' if they feel uncomfortable when confronted by an adult. We teach them 'stranger danger' and here the cubs are playing a little game whereby they have pictures laid out on the floor and the cubs have to match the relevent statement to the picture.

Cubs would not be cubs if there were no knotting!

... and they made beautiful bottle gardens to take home ....

... as well as a vegetable garden..... this one has lavendar and turnips in it...

For First Aid they are shown how to lay a person in the 'recovery position'

and just look at these stunning masks - this is Felix the cat....

and this is Baloo the Bear.
Aren't they just too cute!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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Sunday, April 06, 2008

When in doubt - consult a SCOUT

When in doubt

Consult a Scout

He "should" know

What most things are about.

He ties things with odd knots,

And sends messages with dots,

He cooks upon an open fire

And of camping, never seems to tire.

For water sports

He builds a raft.

Upon the land

He knows many a craft.

Can tell the time by sun and stars

And directs people in their cars.

In some most unusual climes

You'll even find him climbing pines.

His hat with brim so broad

He can use for water to hoard.

His tie into a sling he makes

When Johnny falls and an arm does break.

It's first aid kit and shoe polish,

Mug, fork, knife, spoon and a dish,

Packed with tent and sleeping bag,

Into a rucksack marked with a tag .... S C O U T.

(With acknowledgments "The Bugle")

PS.. We are still on school holidays!

Akela Joy