Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Visit to 1st Boksburg Cameron Cub Pack

 1st Boksburg have their Pack Meetings on a Wednesday - and I was off to visit!
From when I was there last, they had approximately 8 cubs and it was such a pleasure to see so many more today!
 Cubs getting ready for their Steam Release Game
 The programme centred around Sense Training and they had to feel, smell and taste today.
 I took one of the bases (feel) but told the cubs they had to feel and tell me how many spiders were in the box and what type!
 This young lady in red had to hold her friend's hand before putting it inside the box - they were so excited and afraid !
 Tasting Base
 Making special bath salts
 For their 67 minutes for Mandela, Gingerbread Men were made to hand out to the poor.
..... and here is the Troop planning and getting ready for Compo Camp

I had such a lovely visit - thanks Cubs and Akela.

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Teddy Bear Clinic Visit to the East Rand District - 27th July

Over 70 cubs arrived for our Teddy Bear Clinic visit today.
The Teddy Bear Clinic assists abused children by accompanying them step by step on their journey of healing. 
 As part of their Good Turn, cubs arrived with loads and loads of teddy bears to donate.

 More than 100 teddies were donated.
 We took advantage of this event and held a "catch up" as well.  Cubs were divided into their advancement levels of Caracal, Cheetah, Leopards and Lions and went from base to base to do some learning.
 These Caracals started with "Fires and Cooking" - learning all about safety

 A Lion Cub and a conservation stove.

 Interesting work taking the inside out of the orange!
 The next base was "knotting" and here the cubs were shown by the leaders how to tie all the different knots.

 "Green Six Dean" showing the young ones the reef knot.

 This young man was the reporter for the day and was writing down all he had done and seen for the 1st Benoni log book!  He interviewed a lot of the leaders - what an awesome idea!

 Kitty helped us out on the Compass base and made this wonderful training aid.
 "Hold the compass in your hand and move your body"

 Anthony and Kitty did a great job of showing these cubs how to use the compass.
 Next it was 1st Aid - and what a great base.  Jennifer from 2nd Boksburg is a fully qualified paramedic so was perfectly able to show the cubs what to do in the case of an emergency.
 The recovery position....

 Opening the airway
 Rika helped the cubs make their card with emergency numbers on - and remember the  number to dial is 08000 55 555 for Child Line.

 Just look at these awesome wounds that Jennifer brought along with her!
 Whew!  all that hard work and everyone deserved some cold drink and a cup cake!

 Dalene from the Teddy Bear Clinic gave the cubs a short briefing on what they do - telling them if any child is hurt or abused, they are their to assist that child on the journey to healing.
 Each child is given a teddy bear - and she thanked all the cubs for their wonderful donation.

 Answering questions that the cubs had.
 It was then over to the two social workers that had come along from the Teddy Bear Clinic.
 Judith and Charity chatted to the young cubs about their "rights and responsibilities" and "saying no"
 They also learnt the number for child line which is very easy to remember - 0800 55 555
 It was then time to carry on with the fun bases and here the cubs did "conservation" learning more about solar energy.

 The next base was "safety" where the kids had fun learning about road and water safety.

 The trio from the Teddy Bear Clinic.
Thanks to everyone who joined us today and a special thanks to the leaders who ran the bases.  What an awesome day we all had!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy