Saturday, February 26, 2011

Poets and the Written Word - 25th February 2011

Poems, songs and artistic pictures were and still are an expression of human emotions. At the Pack Meeting on Friday our programme was about Poets and the written word.

This was a great game - cubs formed a semi-circle. One cub is chosen to be the poet and he has the ball. Facing away from the cubs he throws the ball over his head and backwards. He continues to face away from the cubs. Meanwhile the cubs all run to see who can get the ball. They then hold the ball behind their back and the Poet must decide who has the ball. (Of course cubs cannot keep a straight face!)

( I have it!)

TEAM GAME: Spell off
Cubs sit in their groups and are given words to spell. Groups who spell it correctly get a "bone".

"If music be the food of love - play on"
Cubs made musical instruments from items found around the hall.

What's the message?
Cubs are in their Sixes and given a colour. They are then allocated a sentence that has been broken up into words and written on sticky paper. These are stuck on the cubs back.
Each Six must run around and try to gather all the other words (of the same colour) and make a sentence whilst hiding the word on their back.

Have we got the sentence?

(A Springbok Construction)

Into Instruction and the Caracals did road safety

Leopards followed a trail

.... and then it was time to let the artist in you out!

Oh yes.... the Lions did "a good turn" and beaded a spoon..

Paint splat
Cubs in relay formation. We used paper plates up on the fence and water with toilet paper - but it could be an idea to put up a big sheet and let the cubs take small pieces of sponges in different colours and throw them at the sheet....

Great Fun!

We had a special investiture - and here the GS is telling Jarrod all about our special scarf.

Making the world a better place - one cub at a time!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Sunday, February 20, 2011

BP Sunday - 20th February 2011

We attended our annual BP Sunday Parade this morning. It was held at Boksburg High School.

9th Benoni Bambanani

4th Benoni Air Scouts

9th Benoni Bambanani

1st Benoni Sea Scouts

9th Benoni again!

1st Boksburg

A young cub opened in prayer

Father Joe gave a wonderful, inspiring sermon.

Renewing the Cub Promise

Renewing the Scout Promise

Akela Sharon and Baloo receiving their Warrants.

Our Group Scouter receiving a Certificate of Merit - well done!

and our ADC - Cubs - receiving her Certificate of Merit - congratulations!

Closing prayer

A very enjoyable morning.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy