Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ancient Culture - 4th February 2011

Let us take a tour through time and just find out a little more about those "ancient cultures"...

STEAM RELEASE GAME: Find your match
Cubs are given a name (Aztec - Inca - Babalonian) and they run around. On the blow of the whistle the CI calls out one of the cultures eg. Aztec. All the Aztec must sit down. Other cubs start running around again. On the blow of the whistle another name is called - eg. Inca. The Aztecs jump up and the Incas sit down.... and so it goes on.

Thanks to the Sumerians, we also know a great deal about the ancient Mesopotamian civilization of Babylon and of Assyria. These Civilizations who used the ancient Sumerian system of writing - cuneiform. I wonder what it was like to live in those days...

The CI handed each cub a canister with a name of a civilization in it. Each Six had 5 minutes to prepare their play act.

.... thinking ....

...evergreen cubs ....

Hiawatha Sharon....

These guys were "chinese" .. and did a little karate move

Egyptian - of course!

After each Six had done their little play act, the rest had to guess where in the world they were from.... they managed most successfully!

It was then time for a Yarn and all cubs were asked to close their eyes and imagine as the story was being told.

Simple alphabets were used - and memories had to be good.

KIMS GAME: Can u Remember?
Hieroglyphic alphabet cut up - 2 of each letter - and distributed on the table. Each cub takes a turn to see if he can turn 2 over that match.

Instruction time - and the Caracals were to learn "how to answer the phone correctly in your home language"

The cubs LOVED it that they each had their own phone to use and this was a great success.

They took turns to dial a friend.....

.... as well as chat to a friend.....

The Lions enjoyed making musical instruments...

Life was not always easy and different cultures clashed at times.
GAME: Tug of War
Divide the pack into 2 and give names - Sumarians, Babylonians.
They have a sparing match until they find a winning culture.


Another new chum being invested.... welcome to the Pack!

Next week we are off to Sabie for our annual "river rafting" weekend.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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