Friday, January 28, 2011

Booming Bugs - 28th January 2011

We continue with our theme "journey through the ages" and today we take flight with some bugs and others!

Way before our timethere were many bugs that buzzzzzed and boggled...

Steam Release Game: Find the Bugs
Cubs run around collecting cards. Each card will have a safety rule for flying kites/gliders. In Sixes, cubs to stand up and read their safety fule to everyone and discuss.

Reading out all thos safety rules

Now that the cubs knew all the safety rules, it was time for business!

... the business of making a flying bug ....

Struan truely enjoyed himself here.. he loves working with his hands and is a true boffin when it comes to things like this - he is exceptionally good at knots and knew exactly what to do to make this kite...

The smaller cubs made their own gliders and took them outside to play.

.... and the kites were ready to fly ....

Fun from beginning to end...

You must remember that before we can fly we are all caterpillars and need to crawl around..
RELAY GAME: Caterpillar Crawl
Creat an obstacle course with cushions, chairs, boxes etc.
The first player in the team gets into a sack and has to navigate the obstacle in the bag on the floor.
We had a "going up" ceremony for 2 of our cubs..
We wish them all the very best and know that they will have a super time in the Troop.

New Recruit for the Boys Troop...

.. and also a new recruit for the Girls Troop.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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