Friday, January 14, 2011

1000 BC - 14th January 2011

We are back!
.... and this term our theme is "a journey through the ages"

Today the cubs learnt about man when he roamed the earth and lived in caves! .... when he walked on all fours and was much like a chimp!

STEAM RELEASE: Chase the Food
Cubs run like a chimp (knuckles on the ground) after a rabbit. The CI runs around with a tag on a piece of string which has a sweet tied to it.

REVISION GAME: Each advancement group had a quick game of "telling the time"

and here the Caracals are learning all about different events that happen at different times during the day just as cavemen had to rely on the sun and seasons to work out the planning of their day.

Today in caces we can still see signs of rock art which show us the land and animals from years gone by.

Cubs painted their own rocks...

They watched nature and learnt to fashion tools for all sorts of day to day purposes - including hunting.

TEAM GAME: Blow dart the pig
Cubs are divided up into teams and using a blow dart, must hunt their pig down.

... the pig ...

and then it was time for instruction...

where the Caracals learnt all about knotting

whilst the Lions told Akela all about the Good Turns they have been doing

and the Leopards did "bottle garden"

Cavemen also enjoyed playing games and I am sure they would have loved this one!

CIRCLE GAME: Caveman says ....
Leader calls out 'caveman say - move your arms' this instruction the cubs follow but if the leader just says ' jump up and down' the cub is out...

What a lot of fun!

and here is the Second counting the bones after the meeting.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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