Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Sleepover - 29th October

Wow! what a "fright"fully fantastic Halloween Sleepover!

Planning this sleepover has been on the cards for the past month .... and we decided this time round to get some booooo-tiful cupcakes make..

Aren't these just stunning?
If anyone is interesting in getting any sort of cup cake make, contact her here.

Fabulously Frightful!

We opened outside and had the cubs parade around in their super outfits.
They all used their imagination as the requirement was that they do not go out and spend any money - they need to be thrifty.

It was a very difficult decision to make but we asked the 2 father-helpers to choose the first 3 places.

.... and here they are:
1st place - Lara with the sheet, spider and pumpkin head
2nd place - dracular himself
3rd place - Harry Potter
Whoooooo has gone missing!
Steam Release: Ghost Grab
One cub is taken out and hidden away. Other cubs run around and find which cub the ghost has grabbed!

Look at all those witches over there - they must have had something to do with our cub going missing .... but I see they are also missing something!
TEAM GAME: Witch's Hat Ring-Toss
Divide cubs into 2 teams. Take 2 witches hats and place at a challenging distance from the throw line. Kids must try and toss the most rings around the hat.
Do you know that when the deat float about they lose body parts -- oh, look, there goes some eyeballs!
RELAY GAME: Eyeball Bounce
Decorate ping-pong balls with eyes. In relay formation let the cubs see how many they can throw into a bucket or cup.

We need to be part of all this and scare away some of those ghouls and ghosts.
CRAFT: Facepainting
Cubs pair up and paint each other's face.

Parts keep falling off - look, someone over there has lost his brain - let's go look and find it!
CIRCLE GAME: The wonder brain
Cubs in a circle and pass the "brain" around. One cub starts the game and walks around the circle - he drops the brain behind a fellow cub who must pick it up and chase the first cub. If caught, the first cub sits in the middle, if not caught and he manages to get back to his place, the 2nd cub runs around and drops the brain at the back of a fellow cub.

(our little actor!)

This is the B R A I N!
(made from wet toilet paper and a few drops of colouring - very "squishy")

Our Instruction carried on as normal - here the Lions were writing a message for Baloo who is in hospital.

S w w w i i i s s s h h h - there's goes a grin - let's quickly pin the grin back onto the pumpkin!
Pin the Grin
Cubs are blindfolded and have to try and pin the grin back onto the pumpkin - prizes for the cubs who do.

We closed outside and those not spending the evening with us went home.

Supper consisted on lovely sandwiches made by some of the parents, some chips, juice and 2 sweets.... all packed in little parcels for each cub.


Some lovely outfits and even a Halloween Teddy!

This young lady had the most exquite dress on - especially made by her mom for the occasion!
Take a look at those gloves...

It was then time to take a trip to the Haunted House.
We are very lucky to have Arrowe Park right next door to us and the Patrol Leaders had set up a few scary bases.
Just walking in the dark was enough to scare some of the cubs.....
When we arrived at this base, all you saw was a box on the table. The PL told the cubs it was a Kim's Game with 20 items to remember ..... well, when he lifted the box the "clown" screamed .... and so did the cubs!
Take a close look at the expressions on the faces of the cubs!!

These were surgical gloves with glow sticks inside - frozen... they really looked stunning but the photo does not do them justice at all.

Here is where the "boo-brew" was served - out of a smoking cauldrin.
Cubs were also given a glow stick bracelet to wear. .... an easy way to find all the cubs in the dark.

Cubs here had to make their own ghost - wetish toilet paper and the cubs draw a face on it...

This base was hysterical. The PL was dressed up as a nurse and had a HUGE syringe in his hand which all the cubs could see. He was based in the kitchen which had 2 doors. He would come around the one side shouting "whose next" and decide which cub to take with him for THE INJECTION!
Of course the cubs were frightened but I can't believe they actually followed him. When inside the PL just said, "on the count of 3, scream your loudest" and everyone in the kitchen screamed giving the impression that the cub was getting the injection. The cub then received a small syringe of condense-milk (a favourite of small children). The exited out another door so the cubs waiting in line could not see them .....
The cubs also enjoyed this base .... where they had to close their eyes and feel all squishy stuff - like worms in cooked spaghetti (brains).... mouse, (liver) and so it went on and on...
All good fun.
We then walked back to the hall and watched "The nightmare before Christmas" before going to sleep ..... Sleep - did I say sleep? yes at about 0h30 and up again at 05h30....
But what a wonderful and enjoyable evening.... it only gets better and better each year.
Thanks to all the parents who assisted us and to all the scouters and patrol leaders - without your help this would not have been the great success it turned out to be.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can u guess our theme for tomorrow?

We are having our annual Halloween Sleepover at the hall tomorrow night. For weeks the excitement builds, getting ready for this event!
After supper, which will be packed in these packets, the cubs will go on a journey through the Haunted House!

Some of the decorations that have been put up in the hall.

I think we are in for a treat .... or is that "trick or treat"!
Till tomorrow
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy