Friday, October 08, 2010

A visit with Mary Poppins - 8th October

It was our AGM and Prize-Giving tonight but first we had an enjoyable afternoon with Mary Poppins!

Our award recipients..
Vegetable horses...Mr Carrot Legs, Mr Potato Man and Miss Marrow... all looking smart and geared up for the race at Arrowe Park..

But first.... Michael and Jane were out to look for a new nanny - one who was cheerful and happy who would take care of them. They knew they could not get rid of any more horrid nannies so they had to find just the right one!
GAME: Finding a cheerful nanny
Pictures of nannies are hidden all over the playing field but only 1 is Mary Poppins. Everone finds 1 nanny and they ask Akela if theirs is the perfect nanny!

... and of course when the wind changed, in flew the cheerful nanny - none other than Mary Poppins herself. She was such a fun nanny to have around and she would take Michael and Jane to the fairground and let them eat lots of candy but best of all she took them to the races!
TEAM GAME: Horsing Around
Cubs in Teams and on the throw of the dice each team moves forward however many score on the dice.
The cubs had huge fun with this game...

All running even...

Mary Poppins was very strict - so Michael and Jane also had to do some learning...
The Caracals learnt all about how to wash their hands properly - next week being National Hand Washing Week.

Mary even taught them some fun songs to sing - as she was always happy and singing.
SINGING: Supercalifragilistixexpialidocious
Mary Poppins even brough along her magic bag - the very same one that had all those wonderful magic items inside - do you remember?
SENSE TRAINING GAME: Cubs were divided into 3 and each team formed a circle. Each circle was handed a bag filled with special "Mary Poppins" items. Cubs had to close their eyes and feel, passing the bag around the circle. Once everyone had felt the items, Akela gave each team a chance to name 1 item - if they got it right they got a point - until all items had been named.
From one bit of fun to the next..

It was time for 'tea on the ceiling'

so the cubs enjoyed their gingerbear in the trees in Arrowe Park.

It was then on to our AGM and prize giving.

Here is Akela giving her report for the year.

Six of the Year went to Yellow Six
Well done girls - you are awesome!
Excellent Attendance went to 2 cubs
Warren Jackmand
Matthew Butterworth
Cubbing Spirit
went to
Caid Anderson

Cub of the Year
went to
Megan Davis
Congratulations to all our recipients.

The boy scouts and girl scouts also had their prize giving.

and as you can see - a true scout in the background!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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