Friday, September 17, 2010

A day in the life of .... GUY FAWKES - 17th September 2010

To my surprise, not one of the cubs knew who Guy Fawkes was! .... so it was interesting to be able to tell them a little bit about the man who wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament!

Our Steam Release game had the cubs running around and on the blow of the whistle they had to jump up onto something higher as if a cracker had gone off!
This saw the cubs jumping up on to the camp fire benches!

Our next game had the cubs making their very own gun powder which they had to mix together very well!

Cubs in relay formation and each team had 1 stave and their tin filled with 'gunpowder'. This was then rolled forward to a specified area and back again!

It looks a lot easier that it actually it!

But most importantly, it was fun!

Next was a Scavenger Hunt and what should have happened was each Six to go from base to base and collect their 'colour coded' clue. On arrival at their next base they were to light a sparkler (take it in turns so everyone got a turn) and then move on to the next base.

Well, the cubs found it quite hard to work in a team and it was nearly impossible to light the sparklers as the wind decided to choose this day to blow - the one and only day in the whole year to blow!

But we will give Red Six 10 out of 10 for perseverence - they didn't give up!

Eventually everyone landed up back inside where they could light their sparklers and enjoy them.

Instructions saw the different levels go off for some learning....

and then it was time for another fun game ...

Cubs in a circle and named "bomb, matches, crackers, bomb, matches, crachers, bomb" etc.
Akela calls out "matches" and all the 'matches' run around and back into their spot and the first one into the centre can light the bomb!

These were very cheap smoke bombs that the cubs really enjoyed.

Safety is our first priority and we continually teaching the cubs how to strike a match correctly, never to play with matches, don't play with fire etc. ..... and our next game was "collect all the bombs"

..where the pack was divided into 2 teams. 1 cub is the keeper with 3 guards and they must try not to allow any bombs reach them..... bombs are made out of paper.
After approximately 5 minutes, count who has the least amount of bombs.

Akela thanking a Cub Instructor who has completed his 6 months with the pack.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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  1. It is so interesting to see how your uniforms are slightly different from ours in the US. The kids look like they are having a great time. I look forward to getting good ideas from your blog.