Friday, September 10, 2010

A day in the life of a..... DETECTIVE - 10th September 2010

Our special guest today was Constable Mary and Captain Teddy!

They came to tell all cubs all about Stranger Danger and what to do in the case of an emergency!
But first, whilst we were waiting for themm to arrive large sums of gold coins were scattered around the playing field with one being covered in blood...

Of course the cubs could not wait to find all the loot..

.... and whilst Rikki was talking to them I took the opportunity to take some lovely photos...

.. so who found the blood-covered coin ...
Oh, it was me..
The police arrive and whilst they were setting up we did a few bases.

Cubs had to read very, very tiny print through a magnifying glass.

Identify items in some tins.

Decipher the hidden code.

Give a big smile..

a broad grin...
and this was handed to Captain Teddy to say thank you for being with us...

the cubs learnt a great deal about what to do in the case of a hi-jacking, or a house burglary etc.

A great time had by all...
Till next Time
keep cubbing
Akela joy

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