Saturday, September 11, 2010

Area Cub Fun Day - 11th September 2010 - Delta Park

Approximately 270 people attended the Area Cub Fun Day held at Delta Park today.

Delta Park is the ideal spot to host these events as it is both big and beautiful!
Horses roam freely in and around the area.
Packs from all over the Gauteng Province joined together for a huge Grand Howl.
It was awesome to see so many cubs and leaders together.
Like a mini Cubaree!
Each District hosted a base where we did different activities.
The these of today was "Cubbing from Yesteryear"

We showed them how to make whirly-gigs....

...played hopscotch....
and we also had the 'wobbly boards' which were extremely popular.

Other districts had boardgames

snowflake cutting..

making paper dolls

Snakes and Ladders --- but this base was fantastic!
The leaders had actually physically made and pioneered some snakes and ladders. The cubs loved this.... they threw some huge dice and then started their journey!
Awesome idea!
Some old fashioned wares on show - box camera and an old typewriter. I am sure the cubs had never seen a typewriter before .... they only know computers!

Trying is out!

Making a floppy doll from wool.

and another popular base was the 'tops'

(oops! - apologies for the side view)

Coconut throwing

Leaders having fun!


Fun on the Wobbly Boards..

... I am not sure what this is called but one puts a stone on the one end, stands on the other and the stone shoots up waiting to be caught.
All in all a wonderful outing for both cub and parent!
Thanks to all who joined in on the fun.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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