Friday, January 29, 2010

Celebrating Soccer - 29th January 2010

We all remembered that we were taking a trip to the soccer stadium today - so we had to get our soccer boots on and the most important was to make sure everyone had their own "vuvuzela"!
Very proud cubs with their home-made vuvuzela!
This one was specially patented - as it has a handle!
As everyone knows, millions of fans are going to be decending on South Africa one of these day and there is going to be mayhem at the airport!
We played a quick steam release game - called "airport shuffle" and then moved on to our next game called "taxi dodge" - you know how the taxi's just drive over, around, under through everything - so we had an obstacle course set up.
Cubs were in 4 teams racing against each other.

.... and the first team to finish and sit down is the winner....

Cubs then arrived at the stadium a bit shaken from the taxi ride but still in good shape to make their own vuvuzela.

These are really easy to make - so if you would like more details, leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

The cubs really enjoyed making these....

They could colour them in...

The happy soccer fans!!

some of the vuvuzelas....

Caracals learnt about knotting....

Leopards did masks and the jungle dance.

Baloo's dance.

Showing the soccer players how to play real soccer!
Cubs run forward and put their head on the handle of the bat - spin around 3 times and then kick the ball to the goals.

Once completed each cub was given a "winning" sweet.
Team Brazil
Team Argentina

some more soccer!
Cubs pair off and face each other while sitting on the ground. A balloon is given to one side and on go they must throw the soccer ball to their partner and see how long it will last.

2 questions were asked and their first 2 cubs to answer them correctly won the prize soccer boots - well done!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
Let me know if you would like the vuvuzela details

Friday, January 22, 2010

Celebrating Christmas - 22nd January 2010

Hey, Father Christmas - are you for real?

We all got ready for our long journey to Lapland to find Father Christmas and our first game after our steam release was a relay ski game. Each team was given a pair of ski's (2 pieces of wood with rope for long handles) and on the blow of the whistle, each cub had to "ski" to a certain point and back - when the next cub had a turn.

Once we arrived in Lapland, we heard that Father C.hristmas had left us a special message. As you can see, we had to decipher these messages! Each Six had their own message. This one reads: Can you meet us tonight at 8pm

We then heard that the naughty elves had gone on strike and we had to help Santa get the toys ready for all the children of the world.
Each cub cut out a snowman which was hung along a piece of string.

We eventually all found Santa and all the cubs could have a quick chat with him.

Thank you Santa for joining us today all the way from Lapland!

Instruction for the Caracals today was "People and Place" and we heard all about the wonderful places these young guys have been to.

.... and all the other cubs they have made contact with.

The Cheetahs made and served a hot drink.

while the lions did some mapping and compass work.

The leopards did conservation...

It was nearly time to return home to South Africa, when we heard that the silly reindeers had dropped a present out of the sleigh!

Oh dear.... so the cubs had to run around and try and find it!

A circle game finished our meeting.

Luke receiving his Leaping Wolf certificate from Akela.

as well as Erin receiving hers.

Both these cubs will shortly be going up to scouts.

Well done guys!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy