Friday, July 27, 2007

Space it is!

Our cubs continue their voyage through outer space and today they launched their space missiles! (Paper aeroplanes)
Forest has become the Cub Mascot. He is so well behaved - and at times even more so than the cubs!
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Akela Joy

Friday, July 20, 2007

Blast off! - 20 July

School holidays are over and it is Cubs as usual!
This term the Cubs are "Space Invaders" and today there 'blasted off" on their journey!
They first of all had to make their space outfits for the trip.

During the flight, they met a lot of other spaceships .....
2 paperplates stuck together and decorated as an Alien Spaceship.

Our Cubs have really been working hard and collecting all sorts of books and stationery for our National Cub Challenge. This will be donated to the poor. We are truly very honoured to have such generous cubs who always think of those less fortunate than themselves.

We invested 2 new leaders today. This is Paula and she will be our new Pack Helper.

..... and this is Chris. Welcome to you both - we hope that you will have a long and enjoyable stay at 9th Benoni Bambanani.
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Keep Cubbing

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Memory Game

This is a Memory Game with a difference - enjoy!
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Akela Joy

Friday, July 13, 2007

What has Roger forgotten at Camp?

I am having a great time paging through Scout Annuals dating back to 1960! They really have some wonderful stories, activities and puzzles - of which I will download a few in the weeks to come.
This is a lovely crossword puzzle. Each word you fill in must run from left to right.
Do you need a clue? I am sure it is easy enought for you all to work out. Once completed, the word you are looking for will run down in the white blocks. Let me know if you need the answer!

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Akela Joy

Monday, July 09, 2007

Observations from 1963

People who should know what they are talking about declare that the majority of folk only use their brains at half throttle. In other words we could be twice as alert, twice as clever and twice as successful as we are at prent. BP was well aware of this fact - and he was equally well aware of the remedy. From the earliest days of Scouting he was constantly stressing the vital importance of developing our powers of observation to the fullest possible extent.

The Chief was not one to preach what he didn't practise himself. He was already polishing up his powers of observation when only about Wolf Cub age. And he got some fun out of it too! He made himself familiar with the number on the collar of every policeman in the district where he lived. Then, when out for a stroll with a pal, he would shade his eyes with his hand and peer intently at a polieman on point-duty several hundred yeards away. To his friend's amazement he would "read" off the number on the polieman's uniform. And, of course, it would prove to be absolutely correct!

Another thing he did was to carry a little notebook and make sketches of all the weather-cocks in his town. All day and every day he was training his eyes and mind to observe and remember details that most folk would overlook. During his career as a soldier he would often amaze his fellow officers by taking in at one brief glance a mass of detail which took them several minutes to note.

How observant are you? If asked how many steps in your staircase, how many lamp posts in your street or the number of your neighbour's car, would you be stumped? These things may not be important in themselves, but it is important that we make observation - keen observation - an everday habit. So much so that we do it automatically and without effort.

Make a start this very day! Take mental notes of the people you pass in the street or who you pass on the way to school.
You are familiar with Kim's Game, which BP considered a valuable part of Scout and Guide training. This test can be varied in many ways. Study a bookstall for a minute and see how many magazine titles you can remember. Memorize house names and numbers, gaze at shop window displays etc. At first your brainpiece mechanism may give a few protesting rusty creaks at being made to bestir itself, but constant practice will oil the bearings.

Seriously thought, each one of us can improve our powers of observation enormously. The "course" won't cost a penny, but you stand to gain Pounds. But only you can make the actual decision to set the ball rolling and only you can press on with the good work. Don't drift through life on half throttle with your brain functioning on only one cyclinder. Open up the throttle and give your power of observation the chance to show its paces - and get you places!

Taken from : The Scout Annual 1963: Observation - The Key to Success by Trevor Holloway.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

An Idea

In South Africa we have government school holiday till mid July. Cubs reopen again on the 20th July so till then, I will be posting a few ideas for all Cub Leaders.

This little helmut / hat can be adapted and decorated for any theme. (Click on the image for a larger view)
Should you have any ideas you would like to share, please drop me a line via my email address.... would love to hear from you all.
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Akela Joy