Friday, August 26, 2011

I want to be happy -- 26th August 2011

At the begining of our meeting today we invested Haithi into the Pack - welcome - we hope you have a long and enjoyable stay with us.

Akela Sharon putting on his 9th Benoni scarf.

Our Steam Release Game was called "take cover" and on the blow of the whistle the cubs had to hide and count to 10 before appearing again.

Happy cubs...

They seemed to enjoy hiding behind this huge tree!

Instruction Time and I had very few Caracals this week...

We learnt the Cub's Prayer

The Leopards in action

The Lions doing their best..

... and the Cheetahs did knotting ...

The cubs made a laughing tin today - they took a tin and threaded a piece of string through it and wet the strin and tugged hard on it whilst placing the open side to their ear -- the sound was similar to "laughing"

The cubs loved this...

On to our circle game of "ha ha"

which the cubs thought was hilariously funny...

Singing - If you know you are happy clap your hands

and then we played some indoor hockey... which always goes down well.

A great programme enjoyed by all.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Visit to the World Scout Jamboree - Sweden 2011

What an adventure!

This is the gateway that welcomed visitors to the WSJ in Sweden... very big and very impressive!
As you walked along the roads, the "spirit of scouting" was very evident...

Millions of visitors each day ...

This is a huge tower .... I would have liked to have climbed it but the queue was just too long and I believe the wait was about 1 and a half hours... too long when you only have 1 day at the Jamboree.

The queue for the Jamboree Shop!

My friend Lotta from Sweden... we met up after being "facebook friends" for over 3 years. Lotta was very involved with the organisation of the WSJ and during the Jamboree was seconded to "site services".... well done for all that hard work!

Horse racing with a difference..... hilariously funny!

.... and this is beyond words.....

a pioneered ferris wheel



and a haystack with a difference....

first you have to climb the haystack ...

and the benefit of all this hard work was the "foofie" slide at the top! .... wonderfully engineered.

The Jamboree was just stunning!

Till next Time

Keep cubbing

Akela Joy

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Sweden - here we come!

Leave today for our visit to the WSJ in Sweden - going to be awesome! .... and then a 2 week tour of Europe.

See you all when we get back.

Till then

Take care