Sunday, August 21, 2011

Visit to the World Scout Jamboree - Sweden 2011

What an adventure!

This is the gateway that welcomed visitors to the WSJ in Sweden... very big and very impressive!
As you walked along the roads, the "spirit of scouting" was very evident...

Millions of visitors each day ...

This is a huge tower .... I would have liked to have climbed it but the queue was just too long and I believe the wait was about 1 and a half hours... too long when you only have 1 day at the Jamboree.

The queue for the Jamboree Shop!

My friend Lotta from Sweden... we met up after being "facebook friends" for over 3 years. Lotta was very involved with the organisation of the WSJ and during the Jamboree was seconded to "site services".... well done for all that hard work!

Horse racing with a difference..... hilariously funny!

.... and this is beyond words.....

a pioneered ferris wheel



and a haystack with a difference....

first you have to climb the haystack ...

and the benefit of all this hard work was the "foofie" slide at the top! .... wonderfully engineered.

The Jamboree was just stunning!

Till next Time

Keep cubbing

Akela Joy


  1. Yes, it was great, wasn't it! I think we all suffer a bit from post-jamboree blues at the mo... Last night I was dreaming about it - again!
    So lovely to have met you!

  2. Anonymous3:59 AM

    What super photos!! Even if all you had was 1 day, it surely must've been an amazing experience. Lord B-P must've been po=roud of u all!
    From Andrea 4th Benoni