Friday, August 26, 2011

I want to be happy -- 26th August 2011

At the begining of our meeting today we invested Haithi into the Pack - welcome - we hope you have a long and enjoyable stay with us.

Akela Sharon putting on his 9th Benoni scarf.

Our Steam Release Game was called "take cover" and on the blow of the whistle the cubs had to hide and count to 10 before appearing again.

Happy cubs...

They seemed to enjoy hiding behind this huge tree!

Instruction Time and I had very few Caracals this week...

We learnt the Cub's Prayer

The Leopards in action

The Lions doing their best..

... and the Cheetahs did knotting ...

The cubs made a laughing tin today - they took a tin and threaded a piece of string through it and wet the strin and tugged hard on it whilst placing the open side to their ear -- the sound was similar to "laughing"

The cubs loved this...

On to our circle game of "ha ha"

which the cubs thought was hilariously funny...

Singing - If you know you are happy clap your hands

and then we played some indoor hockey... which always goes down well.

A great programme enjoyed by all.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

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