Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Sleepover - 30th October

After a hectic pack meeting, the cubs settled down to some gruesome Monster Munches!
Easy to make 'creepy cuisine', these monster munches are just 2 meat balls for eyes, 2 slices of gherkins and 2 slices of black olives. Smother with Tomato Sauce!

During the screening of the movie, (we watched UP) the cubs were handed some Halloween pop corn and marshmallows.

... and there was plenty of "hot stuff" to drink.

They each received a bat mask as well.

Looking good!

We had prepared all the bottles so all the cubs had to do was stick on the face that they wanted.

.... and put the holder on....

They could also put 'hair' on the top if desired.
I got some ric-rac in black - but one could use anything from strips of paper to ribbon.

Finished at last!

... and don't they look good in the dark!

All we did was put a torch inside of them.

We did have a special visitor who came flying in on her broomstick - oh dear! she must have misplaced her broomstick, as I see this is a garden rake!

The movie was wonderful.

It rained pretty hard whilst we were watching the DVD so the sound was not too great (we have a tin roof!)... but afterwards the cubs were treated to delicious cup cakes...

... with hot chocolate.

The cubs each received a marshmallow on a stick to dip in their hot chocolate!
We went to bed around 10h30 .... but we all know what cubs are like!
The boys were in the adjoining hall and we stayed with the girls in our hall. They sat around telling ghost stories! .... but by 11pm all was quiet!

I got up at 5:30am, dressed and wandered down to the dam.
This is the sight that greeted me.
Some ducks floating around, icy, chilly winds and overcast skies..... but luckerly, no rain.

Rise and Shine was about 6pm when we all cleaned up.
Afterwhich we had breakfast.

Our delicious yogi drinks were donated by FIRST DAIRIES - and these are truly scrumpious.
If anyone is interested in finding our more, please contact Henry on (011)965-1952 - 86 Leopard Road, Zesfontein.

We cut off the witch's fingers as she flew by, and the cubs enjoyed them for breakfast!
(together with some muffins)

One of the little cubs came up to me on Saturday morning and said "Akela, this was my bestest day ever"..... and this just make all the hard work worthwhile!

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

On a Ghost Trip - 30th October

Our theme today - of course - was Halloween, and the cubs came dressed up as wonderful and weird characters!

Everyone looked wonderful!

We even had a welcoming pumpkin at the door!

Our instruction for the Caracals was "Stranger Danger"

.... and the Lions learnt about Road Safety.

There were a few old bones lying around!

and we played a couple of 'ghoulish games'

Instead of bobbing apples, here cubs had to run up in relay formation, and collect their ghostly gumph! (marshmallow)

If any of you have tried apple bobbing, you will know this is not easy!

Our next ghostly ganter, was a special scavenger hunt where each Six had to find their treasure. Inside the treasure box was a message .... which the cubs had to act out.
"Act like a mummy"
"Dance like Dracula"
Our cubs love play-acting and their confidence has grown in leaps and bounds.
Most of the cubs stayed for the DVD evening - and those that did not sleep over went home after the movie.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, October 23, 2009

Star Pack Evaluation - 3rd Impala Boksburg

Today I had the pleasure of going to 3rd Impala Cub Scouts in Boksburg to do a Star Pack Evaluation.

The theme was yummy "chocolate" ..... they could not have had a nicer programme for Akela Joy as chocolate is my favourite vegetable ... (please don't tell me chocolate is not a vegetable!)

This is such a good idea.
Take lots of different sweet wrappers and paste them onto cardboard - making sure there is 2 of everything. Play the memory game whereby a cub turns over 2 cards and if they match, he gets another turn. If not, someone else has a turn to match wrappers.

Next was a Kim's Game where the cubs were blindfolded and had to smell a number of wonderous items.

Mmmm... could that be peanut butter?

Tastes good!

Another good idea was to take a box and cut a small hole in it. Place something inside the box and let the cubs "peep" inside to see what is hidden.

Can you guess what is inside the box?

Now just look at this !!!!
Yummy stuff...
Take some marshmallows...
some melted chocolate...
and some coloured sugar sticks....

place the marshmallow on the stick and dip in chocolate and let set.

Some singing to keep the spirits up..

and then onto throwing the dice to get a 6.
Please take a look at the dice.

The cubs had to throw a 6
Race to put a scarf and cap on
and then cut a piece of chocolate with a knife and fork and then only eat it!
Everyone had a turn to throw this huge dice and eat a tiny piece of chocolate.
All in all this was a lovely programme.
Thanks to Akela Kate and all the Leaders for making it such fun for the cubs.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy