Friday, April 30, 2010

Bubblegum on my Space Boots - 30th April 2010

Cubbing is fun, fun, fun! Today we put on our space boots and took a trip to the moon!

Our Steam Release game was a quick and easy game whereby all cubs had to run around until the blow of the whhistle and then they had to "moon walk" - slowly and deliberately!

Quite amusing and the pulling of funny faces went along with the huge strides!

Because the cubs were floating in space, Akela had to pull them back into the spaceship!

In relay formation, one cub ran up and had to tie a bowline around him/her, sit down on the chair and the rest of the Six had to haul the cub in.

A lovely game to play whilst teaching them knotting.

A happy cub.

Fun - fun - Fun

It was then on to instruction and the Caracals planted a seed...
We used an egg carton and planted a small seed in each one.

They threw a ball to each other for a few minutes ....

..... and skipped to the fence and back.

The Lions learnt all about Life-Saving...

... and by the look of things the Leopards did First Aid.

Our Astronauts found some very exciting rocks on the moon...

... different shapes and colours ....

A little yarn was next on Neil Armastrong. We decided to play a game first whereby each cub had to actually land on the moon himself to find out more facts.
So each cub, on the go command, had to put on his space boot (plastic packet) run a few paces and put on his space suit (black rubbish bin bag) and continue to the campfire circle with his hands above his head.
On arrival, sit down in the space shuttle.

Once seated, cubs found out who actually was the first man on the moon, the year as well as the name of the space ship and a few other pertinant details.

Whilst in the space shuttle we all looked out those tiny port holes to see what we could see.

Each Six was given a tin with a "port hole" in the lid. They needed to look through and remember what they saw floating in space.

On our return trip to earth we saw lots of satelites flying around!
Cubs sit in a circle and pass the paper place to each other.
As usual a whole lot of fun was had by everyone
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Skype around the World

Hello Fellow Scouters

We planned to link up with fellow scouts around the world on Saturday 24th April. This huge task was organised by Kevin Martin, the International Representation of the Cherokee Area in USA.

All was organised and many cubs from our District met at a Pack Scouters house to skype fellow cubs around the world. They were so excited to be joining in on this event and talk to others in America and other places which would help them find out a little more about different ideas and cultures.

Unfortunately storms developed over the area in the USA requiring them to shut down and get everyone home at short notice due to the storm being associated with tornadoes!

What a pity but safety is always our first concern and this was the correct decision to make.

Our cubs have made a very short video and hopefully we can do this all again!

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy

South AFrica

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

World of the Bubblegum Boytjie - 23 April 2010

Last Friday I was away at our National Pow Wow - held in Port Elizabeth - so the 3 APS's ran the pack meeting which looked like a great deal of fun!
The theme for this term is "Bubblegum on my Boots"!

The first game being a mix and match whereby each cub is given 1 bubblegum wrapper and needs to run around and match it up with one that has been hidden in the grounds.

The next quick activity was each Six had to nominate 1 cub who they thought could blow the biggest bubble - give a bone or 1 point.

Into instruction and the Caracals made beautiful nature collages with all the material they had collected last week.

Whilst the Cheetahs were about to learn about the Round Turn and 2 half hitches.

The Lions however, learnt all their woodcraft signs (below) and then laid and followed a trail.

.... getting ready to blow that bubble ....

The cubs played a compass revision game. North was pointed out to the cubs and whilst the story was being told, if a compass point was mentioned the cubs had to run to that position.
Each cub made a delightful bubblegum monster (junkcraft) to take home.

... ever so sweet ....
Photos of Pow Wow will be on the blog shortly.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun - 16th April

Cubbing is always fun and we started off our first meeting of the term with a lovely Nature Ramble in Arrowe Park for the Caracals.

Next week they will make a nature craft out of all the collected items!

The Lions had fun learning a few new knots.

.... and then it was time for party fun .....

The cubs were divided into 2 army teams..
The Blue Sharks and the Mighty Pitbulls


.. collecting the wounded...

oh dear, there were quite a few!

more fun!

and the best of all - some eats!

and of course being allowed to shoot with a paintball gun.

all the cubs and friends were given party packs
.......... what a lovely party .........
Happy Birthday to all those who celebrate their birthday this term.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy