Friday, May 29, 2009

Bambanani TV

Today, we learnt about the invention of TV!
The children of today cannot understand what it was like to be without TV's

Let me apologise upfront for the poor quality photographs, but I have 2 teenage sons! .... need I say any more? when I got to cubs today and hauled out my camera - the memory card was not there - it was sitting in the laptop at home!

Just like when you can't find the TV station, we gave each Six a 'buzzer game' whereby they had to feed a loop along a wire. If the loop touched the wire, a bright light came on.

..... some could do this very easiy.....
.... and others took some time to get it right ....
but most importantly, they loved it and had fun!

We then raced outside, jucked the shoes in the middle of the circle and did the Baloo Dance.
Look at all those proud cubs!
.... and then it was time to scramble for their shoes, put them on and race back inside! ...
The Cheetahs today planted a bean in cottonwool.
We will watch this grow over the next coupld of weeks.

The Leaping Wolves learnt about the flag and sang the National Anthem.

.... and then it was time for the Bambanani Idols....

Each Six had to sing their song and plan their actions.

... and they all did extremely well ...

We invested 3 New Chums

.... and we know that they will have lots of fun with us ....

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Please let us know if there are any ideas you need more information for or any
other tips, crafts, activities that you may need help with.
We are here to share resources.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

District Sixer Council

On Saturday 23rd May, we held a District Sixer Council - and magic was the theme!

It was pure magic! .... and attendace was excellent.

A couple of the cubs having fun before the Sixer Council Meeting started!
A peaceful moment to reflect.

our beautiful Arrowe Park
As an ice-breaker and steam release we took playing cards and cut them in half. These could either be matched up in pairs (King of hearts with the other half of the King of hearts) but we did it in suits. So 6 x Kings got together to form a Six and the 2 of Diamonds all got together to form their Six.
but to start with, these cards were scattered around the playing field!

We opened with approximately 40 cubs from different packs in the district

all looking smart

We needed to explain to the Sixers and Seconds what their duties and responsibilities are - and there is no better way than in a game.

In relay formation, cubs were given a piece of paper with a statement on it.
A Sixer must set a good example (true or false)
We must always fib to get our own way (true or false)
Bribery works best (true or false)
Help Akela at all times (true or false)

These are then put into the correct pile

Akela Jenny going over all the answers with the cubs - just to make sure everyone knows their duties.
At the end of the meeting we received some wonderful ideas for games, hikes, programme themes etc for the new term from the cubs, that hopefully we can implement as some stage.

This is Cameron the Magician.

He is 13 years old and a truly marvellous magician.

He entertained both cubs and leaders alike - a truly stunning show!

Well done!
A magic show would not be complete without balloon animals

What do you call a bunch of leaders?

Thank you Cameron - you wowed us with your wonder!

Sixers and Seconds then tucked into some magical eats and drinks before leaving at 12 noon after a very successful District Sixer Council Meeting.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, May 22, 2009

Adventure with Huckleberry

Today it was time to learn all about Huckleberry and Tom! ... as well, of course, about darling Aunt Polly!

Aunt Polly was a stern 'old duck' who took no nonsense from anyone - especially from Tom and Huck!
The cubs dressed up as "Aunty Polly" and the cub with the wig had to chase and catch another cub who then became Aunty Polly.
The cubs loved this - wearing the wig!

Nobody - especially Tom and Huck - wanted Aunt Polly anywhere near.... and we knew that they had these special signs on their bedroom doors!

So we got to work making our very own.

Our 2 New Chums


Keep Out

Tom and Huck had to be very strong to survive the life they led.

So we had to have a special 'pillow fight'

...where we too 3m poles that the cubs had to try and stand on ....

... whilst using their 'pillow' to push the other cub off.

The cubs enjoyed this game and we played it again!

It was time to learn - and here the Cheetahs are learning about the Outdoor Code

We had taken a picture of the Outdoor Code and cut it up into a puzzle.

.... nearly finished ......

..... completed .....

Leopards doing their Instruction

Tom and Huck were regular vistors to the Graveyard.

We read the cubs a wonderful 'graveyard' story (while they were blind-folded) about how they found eyeballs and brains etc. Whilst reading, the leaders passed around items that felt like the real thing!
This is always a hit with the cubs!
If you would like to receive the complete story, please email me.

We had a very special event as well. A 'going-up' for one of our Cubs.

We are going to miss Devin but we know that he will have lots and lots of fun in the Troop.
Good Luck Devin!

I thought I would just add these 2 beautiful pictures that the twins did for Nature Craft. They collected all the items and completed it at home. Thanks Mom for all your dedicated assistance - you have beautiful boys!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
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