Friday, May 29, 2009

Bambanani TV

Today, we learnt about the invention of TV!
The children of today cannot understand what it was like to be without TV's

Let me apologise upfront for the poor quality photographs, but I have 2 teenage sons! .... need I say any more? when I got to cubs today and hauled out my camera - the memory card was not there - it was sitting in the laptop at home!

Just like when you can't find the TV station, we gave each Six a 'buzzer game' whereby they had to feed a loop along a wire. If the loop touched the wire, a bright light came on.

..... some could do this very easiy.....
.... and others took some time to get it right ....
but most importantly, they loved it and had fun!

We then raced outside, jucked the shoes in the middle of the circle and did the Baloo Dance.
Look at all those proud cubs!
.... and then it was time to scramble for their shoes, put them on and race back inside! ...
The Cheetahs today planted a bean in cottonwool.
We will watch this grow over the next coupld of weeks.

The Leaping Wolves learnt about the flag and sang the National Anthem.

.... and then it was time for the Bambanani Idols....

Each Six had to sing their song and plan their actions.

... and they all did extremely well ...

We invested 3 New Chums

.... and we know that they will have lots of fun with us ....

Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

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