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Bambanani Survivor - 8th May

After a week's break, we are back in full force!
Our programme this week was Survivor...... and all 'survivors' need to be extremely fit.

Our steam release game was 'open gates' - a game that the cubs love!

The cubs then were put into their Six's and each Six given a name
Red Six - Rotu - red and strong
Yellow Six - Yaxha - yellow water
Green - Gatji - green forest
White - Basiki - air

We then divided the cubs into pairs, and they had the delightful opportunity to paint each others face!
Can you see that naughty grin on the face of the painter? ..... and the worried look on the cub being painted!

Boys being boys!

We had all the Six's line up to see who was the winner!
This is Basiki..

This is Rotu

This is Gatji

...... and the winners were Yaxha!
Being the winners they received a special card in the "survivor voting box"

We then moved on to making our Mother's Day Craft

A beautiful butterfly.

That can be used in many different ways!

For more details on making this craft, go to:
Crafts for Creative Hands

Survivor would not be 'survivor' if the contestants didn't have to eat something 'yuggy'.

In their Six's (relay formation), cub ran up with hands behind their backs and had to take 1 sweet off the plate and run back.

They continued doing this until all the sweets on the plate were eaten.
We have 1 little chap who does not eat gelatin, so special sweets were put out for him.

Of course, the cubs enjoy this type of game - running about and best of all, eating sweets!

Instruction time and our Leopards did Compass Work

(Apologies that the photo is lopsided)
Rikki brought these along to show the cubs.
All these artifacts he has collected.
They are from the HMS Birkenhead that sank in 1852.
To find our more about this, go here
Handing out the prize to the winners of our Survivor Programme.

Most of our cubs did their Pet's Badge recently. We are so proud of all of them.
They finished their badge off at home and then went to visit Dr Hall to be examined.
Here Akela is handing a cub her badge.
Another pet badge being handed out.
Well done!

We have the most precious twins in our pack.

They are both Afrikaans and could not speak English when they started.
But they are so diligent and clever and we went through all the requirements with them and they picked up the English language so quickly.

I cannot tell them apart! .... and they love this!
This is Rick with mom!

.... and this is Eric.
They both told me the Cub Law in English - absolutely perfectly!

Akela pinning on the badges.

Dad with Eric
Both invested!

Akela, the Group Scouter with Rick and Eric.
What a pleasure it is to invest New Chums.
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy
For any crafts you may need
take a look at
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  1. Cubs as in young scouts and guides, I thought of young lions and tigers etc. Haha I even though maybe you were referring to your children.
    I was a girl guide as a girl and had a whale of a time, these cubs seem to be having just as good a time.
    Your doing well.