Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Energy Savers - 15th April 2011

Today we had fun learning about the "Energy Gobblers" as well as the "Energy Savers"....

The Energy Gobblers are using too much energy and here the "energy savers" have to destroy them! ( Oranges and Lemons type game)
Cubs listening the a lovely yarn about "climate change"
This is how we "turn off the light switch"

We used recycled paper to make these "Cootie Catchers" to help us understand all about climate change.

and this is how it works....

Singing the little song:

This is the way we turn off the light,

Turn off the light, turn off the light..

The cubs were then given the opportunity to sort the rubbish into recycleable goods and rubbish... and they learnt that most stuff can be recycled.

The environment has to be kept clean for our beautiful wildlife....

and things that we think are rubbish can make beautiful items.

Cubs also learnt about the importance of planting trees to keep the air clean. Here they are drawing their own tree and colouring it in.

Till next Week

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy