Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just like a Blow Fish

Our programme for our Cub Pack Meeting on Friday was "In a Fishbowl"
We started off with a quick "fish and fungis" game. Pack is divided into two team - half being the fish and the other half the fungi.
They stand facing each other a couple of metres apart.
The leader shouts "f f f f f f f fish" and the fish take 3 steps backwards. The leaders calls f f f f f fungis and the fungi take 5 steps forward. So it carries on until the leader shouts "attack" and the fungi races after the fish and if caught they join the side of the fundi.

It was then on to Instruction and here the Leaping Wolves (and Raksha) are doing their Feats of Skill.

Our Cheethas learnt the Reef Knot

whilst the Lions learnt all about mapping

.... and then it was time for some fun!

Blowfish Fun

Cubs stood in their Sixes and each one given a straw. They had to 'pea shoot' the balloon and see if they could knock it over.

.... not an easy task....

We then moved on to prepare for the Pet's Badge.
Little booklets had been made with all the requirements

Cubs were told what the requirements were and who the Pet's Badge Examiner is.

Another fish in our fishbowl is the Archer Fish who squirts its prey of insects with water droplets. We were going to imitate the Archer Fish with our syringes!

.... and had a good time .....

... trying to put out the candles with the water in the syringes....

Very importantly we invested 3 New Chums.
So welcome to all of them and we do hope they have a great time with us in the Pack.
For some unknown reason, the photos did not come out of the last 2 Investitures.
Parents can email the photos to me if they would like them to appear on the blog.
We are on holiday now till the 17th April
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pac Yac 2009

Pac Yac this time round, was held at the Full Gospel Church Camping Grounds in Irene.
The majority of the leaders arrived on the Friday - amidst pouring rain - but nevertheless we had a night full of games to entertain the masses!
This photo is out of sequence (apologies) and should go near the end when all the skits are being done.
All the skits were based on Beatle songs - and ours was "When I'm 64" - as you can see, we are all close to that age now!

Brilliant posters

Bright and early the next morning, after a delicious breakfast prepared by the wonderful Rovers, we broke into our groups and started with our bases.

My first base for the day was the "waterscope" made here out of a 1 litre yoghurt tub.
Very simple and east .... cut a hole out of the top of the tub, cut a hole out of the lid. Colour in the tub if you wish. Place cling film over the side with the lid and place an elastic band around the tub to secure the cling film. Place the lid back on.
You have a water scope.
If you do not live close to a dam, place some water into a baby's bath together with some plastic toys. Place a bit of bubble bath in the water to make it bubbly on the top. Cubs can now use their water scope to find out how many articles are under the water ..... and can name them.
Another base in the morning was the mosaic pictures.

Beautiful Bird feeders

Once the first lot of bases were completed, we all took a walk to a nearby river for lunch.

Of course the opportunity for boat races could not be missed!

In the afternoon the leaders did more bases.
This is a water turbine and works extremely well.
On Saturday afternoon we were very lucky to have Anne Mearns come and give us a talk on the environment. She brought along her friend frog..... who most people found quite fascinating.
Saturday night saw all the groups practising their skits.

Can you guess who?

Fun was had by all ...

Lucy in the sky with Diamonds!
Dinner on Saturday Night was a magical affair with the Rovers doing a Mystery Dinner. We were issued numbers and had to select these in any order. Well, needless to say this is how our supper was going to be served to us.
We started off with coffee and biscuits and ended off with starters!
It was hilarious and great fun!
Sunday morning saw us take a brisk walk to the musuem along the way. Here is a beautiful outside church where we held out Scouts Own.

In the Tea Garden

Old Wolf!

We stopped by a bridge for a quick photo!
The scenery is spectacular!

Many friendship made
Lots to tell
Ideas to take back to the pack
All in all it was a stunning weekend
Till next Time
Akela Joy

Monday, March 23, 2009

Skilful Skunks - 20th March 2009

While Akelas away
The Skunks came out to play!
I have been away on our Provincial Pac Yac - but more about that in a later posting.

Our Steam Release Game was the typical "North, South, East, West" and suitable names given to each point; this time being "smelly socks" "rotten tomatoes" "vrot fish" and "bad bananas".
So when "smelly socks" was called, all cubs had to run to the North Position.

We then went into a bit of Play Acting and each Six was given a scenario. They were given a few minutes to decide how they were going to enact their situation for the rest of the cubs.
Each Six was given a different smell - so one was given "smelly shoes", another was given "old granny's perfume" and another "lovely food cooking" and so on.

This was our special visitor for the meeting - Samual the Skunk! And he brought along with him some dreadful smells!
All the cubs were blindfolded as Samual walked past with all his different smells and they had to guess what they were.
They included:
Vanilla Essence
Cream Soda
Apple Jelly
Ginger Beer
Fish Paste
Tomato Sauce
Peanut Butter
Sta Soft
Parmesan Cheese
The next game up was the Dung Beetle Race
Cubs line up in relay formation and each cub had to push his "dung" to a certain spot ahead.

Some more dung beetles in action!

We have a winner!

Explaining the next game of Vrot Eggs

The hall is demarcated into sections for each Six.
Each Six is then given a number of "vrot eggs" (paper balls). On the word go, each cub in their Six must get rid of the vrot (bad, smelly) eggs in their territory as fast as possible. When the game ends, vrot eggs are counted that still remain in each Six's area. The one wth the least, wins.

Look and listen what happens!
Till next Time
Keep Cubbing
Akela Joy

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Outstanding Octopus - 13th march 2009

The cubs learnt more about the octopus and other animals that used 'squirting as a defence mechanism.
Octupus has 8 legs - right? So our steam release game was this wonderful run-around.

4 cubs link arms, back to back and run around to get the hang of all these legs!

Line them up and race from one spot to another!

The cheetahs learnt all about telling the time.

The Lions did some sensory work.....

... while the Leopards learnt about Living with Nature.

Our Kontiki Flags!

Our Leaping Wolves did some Woodcraft Trails

We made this cute little guy....

For the template you can go to

and download it.

..... and of course we needed to see which octopus could swim the fastest!

The cubs learnt that there were quite a few animals that used squirting as a defense mechanism including the Horned Lizard.

He holds his breath that his blood pressure rises and blood squirts out of his eyes!

The cubs had fun imitating the Horned Lizard and Ocotpus by making their very own defense mechanisms.

Take a 500ml cold drink bottle.

Add 350 ml water

2ml of Enos (which is wrapped in a tissure)

When you are ready to use, place Enos into bottle, place cork on top, shake gently and within a second or two the cork will go flying!

This can also be done with vinegar and baking soda - in the correct proportions.

fun - fun - fun

Our new chums

A simple reply game.

Dolphin Swim.

We took a picture out of a magazine - this could be of a dolphin or a fish - and used a paper plate and the cubs had to get the "dolphin" to the other side ...

Some more octopus races.

Rikki, our APS has a keen interest in collecting war items.

The he collected over a couple of years.

Absolutely magnificent.

Till next Time

Keep Cubbing

Akela Joy